5 Automotive Tech Features You Need for 2017


Technology is advancing faster and faster all the time which means even the vehicle you bought 4-5 years ago – which really isn’t even that old – is likely missing out on most if not all of the coolest new tech features. We live in a time where the average car stays on the road for longer than ever because they’re better quality than ever. However, it’s pretty difficult to keep driving the same old vehicle for 10 years when the quality, luxury, and technology in new cars is getting better and more affordable at such a rapid rate. With incentives, rebates,  and ultra-low car financing rates sometimes it really makes sense to make that upgrade when all the factors are weighed and considered. So what are the hottest new car tech features of today that are making your current car look like a dirty old rag? Read on to check out our list of 5 automotive technology features you need to have in 2017.


1. Wireless Charging + WiFi Connectivity

In the past shoppers have had to look to premium car brands like Mercedes-Benz and BMW to find the most cutting-edge tech features but lately even lower-cost manufacturers have stepped up their game. For now it only works with compatible smart phones but more car brands are starting to introduce wireless charging for enhanced in-cabin convenience. The addition of a WiFi hotspot to your vehicle is also a huge boost to allow you to stream music, video, and surf the web more easily on the go.

2. Night Vision

Limited night-time visibility can be dangerous so it’s exciting to see new technology like Audi’s night vision feature work to improve safety for drivers. With built-in thermal imaging the car is able to alert drivers from the instrument cluster if there’s a possible animal or other obstruction coming up on the roadway.

3. Semi-Autonomous Driving

There’s no doubt that Tesla’s Auto Pilot is setting the standard for autonomous driving technology but other manufacturers like Mercedes are also getting into the game with it’s Drive Pilot system. This is the future of driving and while these systems are not yet fully driverless, they can take over multiple steering, braking, and cruise control functions to make your drive safer.

4. Self-Parking

Has parking or retrieving your car become a hassle? Don’t worry, car brands like Tesla, Mercedes, and BMW all deliver self-parking in some of their new car systems. It only works on private property but the feature lets the driver remotely park or remove the vehicle from a parking space which is pretty cool.

5. Heads Up Display ( HUD )

The ability to view your vehicle and navigation information directly in your line of sight with a projected heads up display is not only super cool, it also creates a safer driving environment. While there’s several premium brands that offer this feature you can also find it in more affordable car brands like Mazda.

When you’re out researching your next new car be sure to keep these features in mind to maximize your comfort and driving experience. There’s no doubt a lot of other great features that didn’t make this list – which new tech features are you most excited about?


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