4 Ways To Relocate Your Business Without The Stress




Although there are quite a few different reasons why businesses choose to move, there are sometimes challenges that arise because of the move that can create unneeded stress for management, employees and yes, even for customers. Of course it is possible to minimize the risk that you have during the course of a move if you plan well. Here are some ways to ensure that you relocate your business without stress.

Use Self Storage

Most moving problems involve some form of leasing snafu that creates overlap between you and the previous client in your new space. On the other hand, you can also be undone by your own design and remodel team not finishing the new space in time for you to move in completely. Either way, looking at places like South Lake self-storage can help you take advantage of temporary space for supplies and unneeded items while you wait to move in.

Hire Movers

Workers in the high-tech industry that are used to moving to new offices can attest to the no-stress moves that happen because the tech companies hire movers and give them very specific directions. The workers themselves just show up at the new locations and unpack their boxes. Determine what works best for your employees, customers, and budget when deciding whether a moving company could be beneficial. Doing so could greatly lower the stress level and allow you to focus on running your business instead of obsessing over moving troubles.

Test Your Moving Plan

It is one thing to create a moving plan with upper and middle management, it is another to ensure that any logistic areas that you are responsible for are actually feasible because you tested them. Most of the stress that comes from relocating centers on where the company possessions are during a move and what condition that they end up being in when the move is over. All computers, sensitive information, and other valuables should be handled in a timely, safe matter.

Problem Employee

Although it may be a bit unorthodox, one management tradition is to give people a lot of rope in the run-up to a move. If there is someone onsite that is toxic or has been causing problems for morale or productivity during this time period, it is a good idea to consider sacking or firing them. That way, when you get to the new site, you will start with a staff of people that are completely in tune with your company goals. It should also lower the stress for everyone that is involved in the move.

Reward Your Employees

If you decide that you will be coordinating the move yourself, or if you will be moving in on a weekend, it is a good idea to create a banquet-like atmosphere at your new site, replete with refreshments and food. If your employees are also the ones physically moving the furniture into the new facility themselves, hiring a masseuse to come out and give massages is a standard way to keep everyone loose. If you do have employees come in on the weekend, best moving practices dictate that you should tell them to only show up for a couple hours at most. That way they can ensure that their equipment and their new offices or cubicles are set up and ready for the following Monday.

Relocating your business can create temporary stress for management. That stress tends to trickle down and impact work performance throughout your office. If you plan the move well, you can avoid stress by executing your plan and creating a stress-free atmosphere for your employees.


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