The Top Three Full Size Pool Table to Get Across All Budgets


Games rooms. We’ve all admired them whenever we’ve seen them, either round friends or family’s houses, and you might be planning on getting one yourself at some point when you’ve got enough money. You might be thinking that getting a full size pool table is going to be expensive and that you’ll need a large budget to cope with it along with getting the rest of the games room. However, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to know that affording such a games room is actually a lot more within your budget than you may have realised.

So if you’re looking for a full size pool table, take a look at the selections that you can get at a range of budgets, from inexpensive to mid-level, all the way up to luxury level.

Signature Tournament Pool Table – the budget option

Pool Table

If you’re looking for a cheap full-size pool table to grace your new games room or your spare room in general, then the Signature Tournament pool table will make a great addition. With a traditional look to it plus a range of highly customisable options such as the finish and cloth colours, and a highly affordable price point as well, the Signature Tournament pool table will surely shine in your games room as its centrepiece.

Sam Atlantic Champion BAPTO Pool Table – the midrange option


If you’re looking for a nifty upgrade to the Signature pool table, then the Sam Atlantic BAPTO Edition pool table is a great choice for a mid-price-range full size pool table. With its futuristic appearance and its professional playing design implemented into it, the Sam Atlantic BAPTO pool table will make a fantastic addition to an existing games room for the serious pool player, or make a great centrepiece to a new games room design, so if you’re looking to get take your pool game to the next level, this is the table to get.

Hurricane Predator Pool Table

Pool Table

And finally, if you’re looking for a luxury pool table to grace your new games room, the Hurricane Predator pool table is an excellent choice. With its sleek engineered design and amazing look, plus high customisability of nearly every aspect, if you’ve got a large budget and want a modern art piece as well as a functional pool table, this is the one to go for.

So, if you’re looking for a full-size pool table on a range of different budgets, this list should make a good start of where to start planning your new or existing games room. If you’ve got any further suggestions of pool tables to put in your games room, why not let us know in the comments below?

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