Some Unknown Facts About Glass Tiles Used in Pools


One of the most common trends in home decor is glass pool tiles. Glass usually increases the aesthetic value of the house. It is usually available in several shape, textures and colors. If glass pool tiles are used for pool, they can change the look of the pool completely. It changes the look from a basic backyard pool to an elegant piece of artwork.

Things to know before installation 


The glass can be chosen according to your convenience. The most common things that should be taken care before installation of glass pool tiles are explained below.

  • The glass tiles come in different colors and different types and by using different colors and types of pool tiles together, you can add a sophisticated appearance to your pool. Some glasses have clean lines and are elegant while others have handmade artesian design.
  • The glasses can be consistent in both size and shape while some look random.
  • The choice of the glass depends completely on personal choice. From the reflection of the light to bounce back from the tile it is better to choose a completely clear glass or the one with glass backing.
  • It is better to do a complete research before taking the final call. The color, shape and size should be chosen according to the surrounding environment and to some extent personal choice. If you prefer bold colors purple would be a favorable option while for frequent style it is better to choose the color and decor in accordance to the surrounding.
  • The tiles are available in several sizes the most common being one inch or three quarters of an inch, though they are also available in numerous other custom sizes. The white or gray colored thin set would allow you to see through and the color of the tile would vary accordingly.
  • The price of the tiles varies to a large extent. This usually depends on the quality and the distance of the pool from the place where it is manufactured.

Installation process of glass tiles 

Glass Pool Tiles

The process of installation of glass tiles is a little complicated compared to traditional porcelain or ceramic plates. The price mainly increases due to the increase in the labor cost. The common steps that should be followed while installation of the glass pool tiles are as follows.

  • After choosing the suitable tiles it is mandatory to cut the tiles according to the shape. For cutting the tiles mosaic tiles cutter or any kind of other glass cutter is used.
  • Setting the tiles require polymer modified mortars. It is important to use mortars that are compatible with glass tiles. The color of the mortar influences the appearance of the tiles.
  • The ridges of the mortar are usually flattened by the flat side of the trowel; otherwise they would be visible through the translucent or clear tiles.
  • Some of the glass surface may scratch from the grout. In this situation, it is better to test a small area and determine the swimming pool grout. If the glass tends to scratch it is better to use an un-sanded grout.
  • It is important to wait for at least 21 days before filling the pool for the glass tiles to settle down completely.
  • Usually these glass tiles do not need much maintenance. It is generally resistant to stains and a good quality grout would allow the pool to maintain its appearance. However, the tiles in the long run would accumulate residues like calcium deposits.

The process of installing the pool tiles is easy and you can keep your pool looking beautiful.

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