Resin Driveway Ideas, Colours, and Cost For 2019


Resin driveways are all about offering durable, permeable, and smooth surface. More importantly, they help in both facilitating and draining water more efficiently. These qualities – apart from giving exceptional curb appeal – make resin surfacing among the most popular choices for driveways nowadays.

If you want to know more about resin driveway colours or resin driveway cost, you have come to the right place. Here are some resin driveway ideas to help you make an informed decision. Make sure to keep them all in mind!

Resin Driveway Cost

In reality, it is quite difficult to quote a cost per square metre. This is due to the fact that each project involving resin driveways come with unique considerations and/or specifications. For instance, a certain project may give you around £40 per square metre but some may go higher. A general rule of thumb here is that the price greatly depends on the size of the area, as well as factors like type of aggregate or existing floor.

Of course, apart from the aforementioned, there are other elements that will greatly influence the price of your resin driveway. This includes, but not limited to, manhole covers, steps, patterns, pipes, and cabling. All of these have the capability of interfering with the overall ground work; hence, they are taken into consideration when deriving the total cost.

Lastly, you need to remember that there is a significant difference when it comes to prices for both resin bound and resin bounded driveways. This is where you may want to speak to a professional resin driveway Essex. That way, he can just asses your options and give you recommendations based on your preference. Keep in mind that your goals should always be prioritized; otherwise, you are better off finding a different installer.

Resin Driveway Colours

One of the coolest things about choosing resin driveways is the range of colours you can choose from. And mind you, the selection here comes from naturally sourced quartz, shingle, gravel, and even crushed granite. Of course, you want to go with a combination that perfectly reflects your overall goal. Do you want to make things look more natural? Perhaps you can go with standard colours. Or if you want a more inviting look, go for a different colour combination. Just like the aforementioned, always talk with a professional to get the best resin driveway ideas!

The Type of Resin to Use

In case you did not know, aliphatic tends to cost more. But if a much lighter aggregate is chosen, then this is perhaps your best option. In terms of comparison, aromatic polyurethane is more suitable especially if a darker stone is going to be used. Why? That is because the darkening effect will matter less.

How about shade? What does this have to do with it?

Remember that some areas in your driveway are in the shade. So, in a sense, the areas that are exposed to the sun may soon discolour, particularly when you are going to use an Aromatic resin. As a result, some areas will look a bit darker than others. That is why you need to be meticulous in determining the type of resin you are going to utilize.

Benefits of Resin Driveways

If you have been looking for driveway ideas, then you might want to consider resin driveways. And you will definitely love the fact that it actually offers a plethora of benefits. They are listed below:

  • It offers a unique, smooth finish.
  • The installation is superbly fast.
  • You can rest assured knowing that it is extremely tough.
  • Almost little to no maintenance is required.
  • It is guaranteed to be impervious to weeds.

Since it is water permeable, you will not need to worry about requiring planning permission.

Bound Vs. Bonded: Difference between These Two Resin Surfacing

When trying to understand more about different resin driveway ideas, you probably chanced upon two terms: bound and bonded. And for sure, you have wondered about the main differences between them. It holds true that the end result of these two resin surfacing is similar. However, it is worth noting that one is permeable while the other is not.

Bound Resin Driveways – This one here is guaranteed to be permeable. As such, it allows water to simply sink down into the ground. And thanks to this quality, it easily becomes compliant with all SuDs regulations; hence, you no longer have to worry about planning permission. Since the resin here is hand-trowelled, you can expect an even and much smoother surface.

Bonded Resin Driveways – Unlike the aforementioned, this type of resin surfacing is not necessarily permeable. So, as a result, water is expected to run off your driveway and/or straight to the road. Due to this, you must require planning permission. Still, it does not mean it is not worth installing. As mentioned above, resin driveways – regardless of the type of surfacing you have – offer a handful of benefits.

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