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Home ImprovementIf you like to create by working with your hands, home improvement projects are probably satisfying. There is a sense of pride when you complete a project and you receive compliments for the change or improvement.

Like cooking, there are probably three types of relationships with home improvement projects:

  • Like it.
  • Love it.
  • Hate it.


Whether you live in an apartment or a single family dwelling, there will always be a need to improve the space you live in. It could be a simple task as getting rid of clutter to adding a deck to your outdoor space or remodeling a bathroom or your kitchen. Whatever the task, you will need tools and supplies to keep on hand.

Some common items you need to have on hand include the following:

Home Improvement..

Screws and Nails. You do not need to keep a large quantity on hand but you should purchase nails and screws in various sizes. These come in handy when you want to hang pictures, attach items, or when one pops out of a piece of furniture.

Wood/Shelving. When you look around your home and see that you have items piled in different places, you may want to add shelves in your closet to hold items or in your living areas to display pieces. Throughout the year, you will find that home improvement stores offer wood and/or shelving for sale. If you have room to store these items, you should pick up a few to have on hand.

Hammer. Hammers come in different sizes and are made for different purposes. You will want to choose one that fits easily in your hand. If your improvement projects are simple, you only need a basic hammer to pound nails into an object.

Wood planer: This is a woodworking tool, which can be used for decreasing the thickness of the board and then clean its edges easily. Of course, you could always use a cabinet table saw to do that but the work becomes much simpler with the wood planers. While the traditional planer was more of a hand tool, the modern planers come with a planing platform for accurate thickness adjustments.

Drill. Drills are a handy tool when you want a straight hole for a screw. Drills can be purchased as cordless or with a cord that has to be plugged into an electrical outlet.

Screwdriver. There are two types of screwdrivers, Phillips and flat head, and you should have one of each. Many products are held together with the Phillips screw but a number of them also have flat head screws. This way you are prepared to put together a product you purchased or repair a product you own that is broken.

Saw. Depending on the types of projects you may plan, you may need a saw. You will have to keep the edges sharp so you can cut through metal, plastic, or wood. You should also have a storage place for this tool. You want to keep this tool out of the reach of small children.

Pliers. Pliers are a utility tool. You can use them to take things apart and to put things together again. There are also useful to cut wires and install items such as entertainment systems.

Safety is always the number one priority whenever you are working on a home improvement project. You should make sure your work area is clean. When you stop work for the day, you should put your tools away.

If you work on large projects, you will probably have variations on these tools to meet the needs of the project. Other items you need may include goggles to protect your eyes when cutting wood or other materials, ear plugs if you use a high-pitch machine and headgear if there is a possibility of falling objects.

For the do-it-yourselfer who only works on small projects such as making minor repairs, your tools should fit into a tool box. Store the tool box out of the reach of small children and lock it. This will prevent accidents.

You can purchase the tools you need at local hardware stores, home improvement stores, and on the Internet.

Completing a home improvement project can give you a sense of pride for a job well-done.



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