How to Get Into Woodworking


Woodworking – a noble and distinguished craft, with amazing benefits for anyone who practices it. Even though it is a type of art that takes time to perfect, it can easily become a passion. Besides being a healthy hobby, you can do all kinds of different stuff with it and even use it as a way to decorate your home or make some extra money on the side. Now, If you are wondering how to get into woodworking and where to start, then I have a couple tips for you. These are just a few things to take into consideration that will help you dive into the woodworking world. Let’s find out more!


Starting With the Basics

Woodworking is a great hobby to have, but like any other one, it takes time to understand it and feel comfortable doing it. For someone getting started, it’s difficult to automatically become an expert, yet, step by step, I’m sure you will get there. It’s very important to gain confidence around your work and your tools, and since woodworking is a highly physical craft, full of different tools, it can be scary at first. But remember that, without the bases, it’s impossible to understand where to begin and your learning curve will be longer, and more difficult. Luckily, there are many ways to start understanding a craft, from books and guides, to classes and online tutorials, meaning you can choose the one that suits you best.

The Right Tools

Like a painter who needs his brushes and a fisherman his best fishing rod, any woodworker needs the right tools for his projects. Very often, beginners make the mistake of getting the most expensive and complex tools, which can lead to a waste of unnecessary money and especially to a dangerous and wrong use, which can end up in accidents.

There are many ways to learn which tools are the right ones, be it through guides or classes, but you can also take into consideration asking your local workshop to help you choose them. Base tools are something important to always have, like hammers, measure tapes, saws, staplers, and, of course, wood glue. Although there are other more advanced one, which are necessary too, for example, drills, circular saws, and even power sanders, as these will make your projects reach a next quality level. If the latter is what you’re looking for, be sure to check this list for the best ones, at the moment.


As I’ve mentioned before, it’s important to start from the bottom, work in smaller projects with simpler techniques and evolve everyday. Practice makes perfect and from the moment you have all the right tools, you can start giving your best and step by step you will surely learn more, everyday. Mistakes and flaws are common and necessary, because only this way can you learn what to do and what not to. Don’t feel bad or give up if you make mistakes along the way, instead take that as fuel for wanting to get better and better every day. However, remember that going at a slower pace, when you feel more difficulty can turn possible mistakes into masterpieces.

Your Own Space

It can get messy and overflowed with materials and tools, so your living room might be not the best place to craft (at least if you don’t want an angry partner). Having your own space to create and to work on wood can be beneficial to you and to the ones around you. When doing something you like in the right space, it’s not only easier to focus, but it also makes you feel more relaxed and free to make your pieces the way you want, to make mistakes, to try again and again, without feeling guilty, embarrassed or afraid of breaking something. It should always be a safe and prepared space, making sure you don’t get hurt. Never forget that even if it’s an extremely safe place, always be protected when working with bigger tools, especially ones with sharp blades.

And Finally…

Everyone loves a beautiful handmade wood piece, and the feeling of doing it all by yourself is just beyond satisfying. Like everything, in order to achieve perfection, it takes time and effort, so if you follow these tips you will be turning your pieces into real artworks, in no time. Hope this was helpful and happy crafting!

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