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If you’re interested in improving the look of your front garden, you should know that there are great landscaping ideas which will help you to make the most of your tranquil outdoor space. Today, we’d like to help you make smart choices by letting you know 14 landscaping ideas for front garden.

Try one of them (or more than one of them) in order to make your front garden an attractive and inviting place to be.

As a bonus, a beautiful front garden will increase your home’s curb appeal and may positively impact its resale value! However, the main reason to make improvements which lead to a gorgeous front garden is to make yourself happy. It’s your home, you live there every day and night and spending time in your front garden will give you a sense of peace. It’ll be such a wonderful place to relax.

When you’re planning front garden improvements, one important tip is to utilize paving edging. This type of edging is available online for affordable rates and you may order as much or as little as you need. Paving edging will secure concrete or brick materials which are used in front gardens, patios, walkways and driveways.


1.) Use Practical Paving Edging

If you want to make sure that the concrete or brick pavers in your garden are secured, you’ll benefit from locking them into place with paving edging. This product is ideal for straight areas. If you want to place it in a curved area, you should cut the paving edging at its spine.

Use paving edging and anchoring spikes in order to keep a front garden’s concrete or bricks pavers firmly in place!

2.) Create Brick or Concrete Walkways

Meandering through a little walkway in your front garden will be very pleasant. You may create it from bricks or concrete and you’ll find that laying down these materials is very simple. Finish the job by using paving edging. It will keep the brick or concrete from moving.

3.) Make New Flower Beds

If you have green space which isn’t currently occupied by plants, shrubs or flowers, why not turn it into a beautiful flower bed? We urge you to indulge your creativity here. All that you need to do is clear the grass away, put down healthy soil and then plan your flower layout. Find flowers which grow well in your climate and be sure to select blossoms in your very favourite colours.

Creating a new flower bed which reflects your personal tastes should be very fulfilling.

Some people choose flowers which complement the palettes of their home facades. Others go for contrast. If you’re not sure which colours to use, deciding if your home facade has a warm or cool palette and then choosing flowers with the same palette will be safe and smart. However, anything goes!

4.) Add Some Decorative Planters

Some people are very creative when it comes to re-purposing items as planters. For example, one person might use an old and rusted wheelbarrow as a planter. This is practical as it may be moved from place to place easily when a change is desired.

5.) Make Your Own Planters

If you’re on a shoestring budget, turning second-hand items (such as large plastic containers) which are already lying around into planters (paint and embellish them if you want more style) will be fun and fulfilling. Of course, you may buy your planters new, but new planters can get expensive.


6.) Add a Bird Feeder

Birds are very beautiful and they are fascinating to watch. When you place a pretty bird feeder in your front garden, you’ll be able to watch from your front window as birds come to nosh on bird seed. Attach the bird feeder to a stake. If you want, landscape around the stake, with flowers or decorative pebbles, in order to make the bird feeder stand out more.

7.) Create a Brick Patio Space

Turning a square of your front garden into a flat patio space will be easy when you put down concrete or bricks and border your building material in paving edging. Add a lounger for sunbathing and then anticipate some relaxing experiences outside. You may want to make the patio square big enough for two!

8.) Add a Garden Sculpture

Garden sculptures have a bit of a bad reputation for being slightly tacky. You should know that some of them are actually beautiful, rather than being examples of bad taste. If you want something lovely which makes your front garden a nicer place, shop around online. You’ll be amazed at how impressive some of these sculptures are.

9.) Keep Garden Sculptures In Scale to the Garden

Choose a sculpture which is in scale to the size of your front garden. You may also want to landscape around the sculpture in order to show it off to perfection!

10.) Add Large Stones for Visual Impact

Adding big stones to your front garden will be an easy way to give it more character and dimension.

11.) Use Gravel in Some Areas

If you want lower maintenance, consider adding gravel or decorative pebbles to certain parts of your front garden. You may have to weed now and then afterwards, but you won’t need to mow, water or fertilize.

Landscaping Garden

12.) Add Flowering Shrubs

Shrubs are typically very hardy. They also generally have enough volume (via their branches and leaves) to make an impact in front gardens. Plus, they look amazing when they bloom!

13.) Plant a Pretty Herb Garden

Turn old plastic containers which are on the smaller side into cute planters for fresh herbs. We think that painting the containers and labelling them based on which herbs they hold will be fun and sensible.

14.) Add a Water Feature

A water feature, such as a fountain or Koi pond, will improve the look of your front garden.

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