Burning Guide – How can you make the most of the Plasma Cutting Tool?


Technology is advancing at a high-speed today and has enabled innovative solutions for industrial processes that involve cutting metal. One of the best examples is plasma cutting. This type of cutting technology is gaining popularity in the fabrication processes due to its speed and precision. It is not only that it works great on thin and thick sheets of metal but also functions as electrically conductive materials. You can cut through rusty, painted or dirty metal using these plasma cutters. It has many advantages which have made it an attractive application in many different industries. This cutting process uses a gas jet, charged at great speeds to cut metals at very high temperatures. It is becoming a booming technology and more and more industries are taking full advantage of this technology to boot their productions.

Here are some very Important Things on how can you make the most of this Plasma Cutting Tool with the help of Burning Guide:

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Once you are done selecting the type of plasma cutting machine that is right for you, here are some tricks that will help you make the best possible cuts.

  • Set-up: Before you start you will need to check the air pressure. Check the air supply it should be clean compressed air. Check if the air is contaminated by checking the plates. If you see any black marks or sports know that the air is contaminated. The air pressure should be correct and you can check the same by looking at the gauges on the unit. A nozzle and the electrode should be correctly placed in right potions. This is important as a good connection with the work leads to a clean portion of the work.
  • Safety Gear: There are some basic safety practices given in the burning guide which should be observed. It is important that you go through the safety manual given with the machine to understand the machine. It is also recommended that you wear long sleeves and fireproof gloves as while cutting molten metal are generated. Also, protect your eyes by wearing dark goggles or the welding shield.
  • Piercing the Work: Many new users try to pierce the metal by coming straight down at 90 degrees to the work. This will blow the molten metal back to the torch. A better way according to the burning guide is that approaches the metal at an angle of 60 degrees and then rotates the torch to the vertical position. Doing this the molten metal will be blown away from the torch.
  • Travel at the Right Speed: You will need to maintain the right speed. If you are moving too slow, you will create slow speed dross which will lead to the accumulation of the molten metal on the bottom edge of the cut. On the other hand, if you are too fast, high-speed dross on the top surface is created as you are not giving time for the arc to completely go through the metal. According to the burning guide when your speed is not right you will create a very low-quality cut.
  • Set the Current to the Maximum as you start: It is a must that you set the maximum output of the machine and then turn it down as needed. According to the burning guide more power is better except if you are doing the precision cutting or when you need to keep a small kerf.

These are some of the very important things you will have to consider to make most of the plasma cutting technology with the help of the burning guide.

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