Which are the Best Drink of the Mouth Club?


Whiskey was known first as a medicinal drink. It is called as aquavita or the water of energy. Booze has been prevalent since then and one of the most common beverages around the world. The first distilled of whiskey was way back 1400 in Scotland. It was in place of Ireland and England where whiskey become the best choice of drinks by the people. It has a significant contribution to the nation’s revenue for up to fifty percent.


Colonization becomes the bridge where whiskey crossed other places like Atlantic. And it became one of the favorite drinks among people. Mr. George Washington, make whiskey as one of his chosen drink. He even started his distillery which becomes one of the biggest distilleries in the country, and its operation continues up until today.

The history of Whiskey tells it all. It has been a joyous process through the years. Many men have enjoyed it. Many men have enjoyed it for many centuries. Many celebrities like Winston Churchill, Mark Twain, and Clark Gable has been drinking whiskey regularly. Drinking whiskey is a sign of projecting masculinity. In this article, I am going to give you the best types of whiskey across the world, and how are you going to enjoy it.



If you want to enjoy drinking whiskey, you need to know the primary style itself. You should be able to identify the level of alcohol and how to choose a bottle of whiskey. Whiskey is an alcoholic drink which is distilled and fermented from grains. It is then aged through a wooden barrel. There is much selection of whiskey nowadays.

Unfortunately, if you’re visiting a store selling a different kind of alcohols and you find whiskey with many labels on it. People terms it such as malt, rye and blended whiskey but it does not matter actually. Unless you will do research and figure out what is it all about.

To correctly identify the kind of whiskey you’re choosing, you need to consider first its place of origin. And later you can list subcategories that will prove high quality of whiskey.

AMERICAN WHISKEY. This kind of whiskey is sweet. It is mainly distilled in America and aged in casks. It has the following categories:

○     Rye – Whiskey that has 51% of rye

○     Bourbon – Whiskey that has 51% of corn

○     Tennessee – It has bourbon that distilled and filtered with charcoal.

SCOTCH WHISKEY. This kind of whiskey tastes like earthy and smoky. It is distilled in Scotland for three years using barley and aged in barrel. Categories include are:

  • Blended Scotch – blended with different scotch whiskeys
  • Single malt Scotch – distilled from grain
  • IRISH WHISKEY. Tastes light and it is more robust compared to Canadian kind of corn. Distilled and aged mainly in Ireland for three years.

CANADIAN WHISKEY. It has a fruity flavor and mainly distilled as well as aged in barrel for three years.

As days go by, your taste buds will adopt typically to what kind of whiskey you’re drinking. You will be going to distinguish different types of whiskey and what are the styles. I would suggest giving your first try with Irish Whiskey or Canadian Whiskey. It has a fruity, light, and sweet flavor. And later if you are used to the taste, you may try the hardest flavor of them all which is the Scotch Whiskey.

Lastly, you have heard a lot of compliments and comments from a lot of people about whiskey. Some instances like how to drink your booze, what is the best whiskey to drink, and how much amount of it you need to drink. Remember not to listen to any of them. First of all, drink what you like to drink and follow how you drink it. There are no rules in drinking your favorite whiskey just guidelines. Grab your glass of whiskey, sit down and relax and enjoy that drink.

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