8 Outdoor Home Décor Ideas To Boost Your Curb Appeal


From a simple upgrade to a meticulous landscaping project, there are indeed plenty of ways to enhance the appearance of your home.

Home Décor Ideas
Lawn care experts share eight ideas to substantially enhance your curb appeal.
1. Add Outdoor Lighting
Welcome your guests by adding lights that lead to your entryway. You can make use of soft exterior lighting to emphasize landscaping features, and make your home warm and more inviting. Furthermore, proper lighting will enhance security by minimizing dark spots near your property.
For your paths and sidewalks, solar lights are the best option because they do not require the use of extension cords or electrical cable. They are also easy to install since you just have to stick them in the ground.
2. Plant Flowers
Flowers in front of your house, along the sidewalk, in hanging baskets, inside flower boxes or in raised garden beds will provide a huge boost to your curb appeal. In fact, planting flowers is the most cost-effective way to make a huge impact.
It is crucial for you to get recommendations from your local nursery about the kinds of flowers and plants that thrive well in your area. Landscaping pros can also help you out. Consider sticking with perennials because this will help eliminate the need for you to plant new flowers annually.
3. Cover Up All Dead Spots
Robust trees offer constant shade, which leaves their roots hungrily grabbing nutrients and water from the soil. This can sometimes cause the surrounding grass to die resulting in unsightly dead spots. Planting flowers that thrive in shade around the base of the tree is the best way to improve the appearance of your yard instead of trying to restore the grass.
Another solution is to apply mulch around the base of the tree. By covering these dead spots, your entire yard will look healthier. Adding mulch will also help in retaining moisture for the roots provided you do not apply it too thickly as it can also suffocate the roots. All you need to provide enough cover is about two inches of mulch.
4. Trim Bushes and Trees
Shrubs, trees, and branches can obscure the features of your home as well as make it seem uninviting and dark. Moreover, trees rubbing against your home can significantly damage your siding, offer a bridge to pests like mice and squirrels, and limit the amount of sunlight you receive. So make sure to trim back tree branches. You can also hire professionals to do this job for you. Well-manicured shrubs and trees complement a lush, healthy lawn.
Outdoor Lighting
5. Build a Berm
Creating a berm will allow you to incorporate color in your backyard through mulch, stone, trees or plants. You can also give your property an enticing edging with flagstone or pavers. Since berms have soft and curving edges, you can easily create eye-catching shapes that contrast with the angular lines of your driveway. Furthermore, berms are effective at breaking up an uninterrupted yard. You can place a flagpole, a huge rock or a rustic wooden fence in the berm.
6. Upgrade Your Hardware
You should not overlook the simple things that will help improve your curb appeal. These include replacing rusty lighting, changing the outdated lock and handle of your front door, and mounting decorative house numbers. These important accents can deliver enhancements that will help define the overall look of your home.
7. Replace Your Mailbox
You know it is time for a mailbox makeover when your mail and parcels are deposited in a weathered grey box that sits atop a rotting post in the ground. A mailbox that sits atop a sturdy new post or a stone or brick column will make an immediate impression. Make sure to invest in a mailbox that matches the style of your home. Add more appeal by planting flowers around the post base.
8. Edge Your Driveway
Give your driveway an elegant look by installing a border alongside it. Bricks, stones, pavers, and other edging materials can successfully transform boring asphalt into a beautiful and lively driveway. You can level the edge with your driveway or perhaps elevate it to prevent people from driving over your beautiful lawn.
First impressions are everything, especially if you decide to sell your home in the future. But even if you are not planning to put your property for sale, a welcoming exterior is a soothing and superb thing to come home to every day. For long-lasting curb appeal, consider hiring professional landscapers to boost the appearance of your outdoor living space.
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