5 Things to be Done Before Moving


Moving can be stressful because it requires time and effort from you. Regardless if you’re moving abroad or within the same city, moving will be daunting because, for one, you’ll have to make adjustments with your schedule and juggle different responsibilities at the same time. If you’re a parent or full-time employee, you need to manage your time well just so you can move around your valuables and scout for a moving company for hire. The list goes on and on, even when you arrived in your new house as you’ll have to unpack all of your valuables, adjust to the new neighborhood and familiarize the area.

Planning is essential whenever you’re moving. You should have ample time on your hands so you can accomplish all the tasks needed for the move with ease. The earlier you prepared for the move, the smoother the transition will be. So you can start off with the right foot, make sure that you’ve done the following before moving:

  1. Manage your packing better.

Packing is probably the most rigorous process when moving. Before you can pack all of your valuables, you have to go through all of your possessions, determine which are still usable and not and dispose ones which are useless. When you’ve sorted out all of your valuables, that’s the only time you can pack. Fortunately, there are a lot of packing strategies to consider today. The internet is a goldmine of information for this resource so make sure you do your homework in researching. While you’re at it, consider coming up with a daily quota of moving boxes to fill. This will prevent you from having a draining weekend of packing while allowing you to accomplish other tasks on your plate. If your budget allows, you can even hire movers from NYC to do the packing for you.

  1. Saying goodbye to your old neighborhood shouldn’t be hard.

If you have been living in the same house for decades, everyone in your neighborhood might already be considered as family members. Everyone in the area might have shared a lot of good times together. This is the reason why moving can be heartbreaking at times. This is especially true for your kids. You can lighten up the load by properly saying goodbye to your neighbors by organizing a dinner together. Invite your kids’ neighbors for a play date at your own house so they can spend time with your children. Let your children understand why you’re moving and what could be in store of them in the new area.

  1. Prepare an essentials kit. 

Properly packing all of your valuables is one way of protecting and maintaining its condition. When you wrap all of your plates in newspapers and place all of your clothes on hangers, you’ll be able to use all of these the moment you arrive in your new home. Using the right packing strategy can help you save time and money in the long run. However, you shouldn’t be too overwhelmed with the packing – you should remember to pack an essentials kit before moving. This kit should contain all of your daily needs such as vitamins, a few clothes, and electronic chargers. The rationale behind having an essentials kit is not having to go through all of your moving boxes days after settling in the new house.

  1. Take time to meet your neighbors.

Regardless of where you’re moving, a certain amount of adjustment will be required from you and your family. You’ll be living in a new neighborhood with new people who might be different from where you’re from. Instead of cocooning in your own home, let the new neighbors know that you just moved in. Deliver desserts to their doorsteps or invite them over for lunch at your new house. Acquaint yourself with the people around your neighborhood, and reach out to them. Once you’ve befriended everyone, your move can become fun and memorable!

  1. Explore and discover local resources.

As mentioned, moving will require adjustment from you. Aside from the neighbors, the accessibility of stores and the availability of public transportation might be different from where you’re previously living. After meeting the neighbors, spend some time exploring the area. Walk around the neighborhood down to the nearby stores and streets. Familiarize yourself with the location of the local hospital, schools, and stores. Determine the traffic flow of your area or where you the nearest bus stop is. When you’re aware of this information, you’ll be more comfortable living in the new area.

Follow The Right Tips

The beginning will always be the hardest part of the process, but this can also determine the success of your efforts. This concept is still true when you’re moving. When you’ve determined what tasks to do when moving and how you’re going to do it, you’ll increase your chances of having a hassle-free move. Let this article become your guide to make your life easier as a mover!


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