4 Best Ways to Clear A Clogged Drain



When you notice a bad smell in your bathrooms then it is a warning that soon you are going to encounter a blocked drain which would make your bathroom useless. Why to wait for the drain to completely get clogged when you can clear the problem with these early signs.

First thing you should do to clear a blocked drain is clean all the hair and gunk on its surface and then put in some drain cleaning substance for the chemical to react with the blocking item. After ten minutes flush water through it and the drain would be clean. This step can be done once in every month to keep drains clean, unclogged and to avoid last minute hassles.

In case, the problem has built up for some time then this would not work for you. Below are some options to clear a clogged drain:

Clogged Drain

#1. Use a bent wire hanger to clear the blockage.

You can take any old wire hanger and straighten it with a low curve at the very end. Now use this bent wire hanger to take out all the debris from your clogged drain. Ensure to pull out the debris rather than pushing it further into the drain. The clogged drain often occurs when there is a lot of debris winded together with things like hair which clogs the drain rather than allowing it to pass through. With this bent wire hanger, you will be able to pull out the hair resulting to clearance of the drain.

#2. Try vinegar and baking soda to unclog your drain.

Vinegar and baking soda react together to form a kind of acid which reacts with the debris clogging your drain thus resulting to clearing of the drain. What you can do is take a heap of baking soda and put it in the drain. Now pour a mug of vinegar over it. Baking soda being in powder form will sit on the debris and then when you pour vinegar over it, it will help you unclear the drain. This is very tested household method to clear a clogged drain. After some time, you may flush the drain with some hot boiling water which will allow the debris like hair and gunk to pass through leaving the drain clean. You may also try exerting some pressure onto the drain to push the debris away if needed.

#3. Use the drain snake to unclog your drain

Drain snake is nothing but a long flexible wire with a metal spiral at the very end. This is the commercial version of bent wire hanger, which makes it very easy to clear the clogged drain. The flexible wire helps it to clear the drain even though it may have bents, where generally the gunk gets accumulated. The spiral at the end does not let the debris like hair push further into the drain as otherwise it may further clog the drain. The gunk gets entangled into this metal wire and comes out when you pull it away.

#4. Baking Soda and Salt combination

Pour some baking soda into a blocked drain and then pour some salt over it. Let it sit for some time say maybe overnight.

This will allow these two substances to react with the debris clogging the drain and in morning pour hot water over it, the debris tends to flow away giving you a clean drain.

All the methods above are easy household methods, if none of these works, then you should seek professional help or else it might become messy and difficult for you.

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