What Should You Know About Styrene Mouldings?


Styrene is a polymer that belongs to the family of plastics and is known for its amorphous structure and versatile applications. The key properties of this material are: superior dimensional stability, exceptional thermal insulation, impressive dielectric performance, lightweight with good strength to weight ratio, resistance against water, recyclable, can be crafted either transparent or shatterproof. These properties of the material are harnessed to make the best quality styrene mouldings.

Making the Most of Styrene Mouldings for Your Home

Styrene Mouldings

The mouldings are made up of an array of materials such as timber, PVC, tiles, MDF and aluminium, yet a new revolutionary material on this is styrene. This is used for creating various decorative elements such as:

  • Ceiling roses: These ornamental ceiling enhance the appeal of the space and give a modern yet elegant decor element. Most of the homes that adhere to contemporary style of decor with minimal design can consider the ceiling rose styrene mouldings. This will provide an edge to the overall look.
  • Skirting boards: These are usually installed at the bottom and provide an additional layer of protection, aiding in the prevention of knocks in between the walls. Further, they let you cover up those unattractive joints present in the floor and walls, providing a sense of style and continuity to the home.
  • Architrave: These are the moldings that are usually placed in the opening of the home, like the door or window. The styrene mouldings enable movement without the need of any sort of buckling structures.
  • Picture Rails: Those classic picture rails can be revamped with the use of the moldings made from styrene. These are usually installed horizontally around the wall to let you hang the pictures of your choice, without affecting the beauty of your home.

Choosing Styrene Mouldings for Decorating Your Home

Styrene Mouldings

Now that you are aware of the different types of styrene mouldings and the difference that this particular material can create, the next step is to determine the type of these moldings that would be suitable for your home.

Even though choosing styrene over any other material is a good choice, still you have to understand the kind of molding that will seem suitable for your home. Because at the end of the day, moldings are not just about strength, quality, and durability- you need the appeal too and that calls for some important steps.

When you are deciding which styrene mouldings would be preferable choice there are a few things to do and these are:

  • Work on a design: If you already have a design in your mind then a good idea is to work on it. Most of the professional companies offer custom moldings giving you the opportunity to create every element as per your needs. On the other hand, when not sure go and have a look at various designs to seek inspiration.
  • Theme of decor: The theme on which your decor is based is as important. Are the elements minimalistic, or have you added a quirky side to them or do you want to amplify the space with regal touch? It is the theme that best defines the style of mouldings and thus you need to pay attention towards them.
  • Purpose of mouldings: As stated earlier, the styrene mouldings serve a wide range of applications and thus you should decide the one that you are going to use. For example, a simple ornamental ceiling would look great with ceiling mouldings, while for taking care of the open doors and windows you might need an architrave.

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