Use Custom Plantation Shutters to Decorate Your House Beautifully


When it comes to window treatments, a few options are as good as the plantation shutters. After all, they offer several advantages. Apart from their versatility, these shutters are highly customizable and durable. They increase the value of the home because of their aesthetic appeal and longevity. Their low price is certainly a major advantage as well. To get the most out of them, however, you should consider getting custom plantation shutters.

To do so, here are a few things you must consider:

The Divider Rails and the Framing

Custom Plantation Shutter

There are different kinds of plantation shutters in the market. As such, you must first consider the style you are looking for. The panel style is one of the main considerations. Full shutters are a popular choice. They operate as a single panel. Cafe shutters are another choice. These cover only half the window, allowing you to enjoy a clear view. The final option is double hung shutters. The top and bottom portions are separate, allowing independent operation.

You can also consider going for divider rails. These are a fixed piece of material. It enables the top louvers to be operated while allowing the bottom section to remain closed. You can select the height of the divider rail. It is important for it affects how easily you can reach and operate it.

The Louver Sizes

You can purchase custom plantation shutters in varying louver sizes. If you want a better view, opt for larger louvers. Smaller louvers are more suitable for smaller windows. There are mainly three sizes of louvers to choose from. They are as follows.

  • 2 and 1/2″
  • 3 and 1/2″
  • 4 and 1/2″

The Mounting Options

You have two mounting options, inside the window opening or the outer side. Each of these options has its own impact on the overall look of the window. To make a right choice, you should look at the molding.

If you have molding then the shutters should be installed inside the opening. This allows the decorative trim to continue having a lovely visual impact. In this option, the shutters will be attached to the frame directly with the help of a shutter frame or hinges.

In the absence of molding, outside mounting is a preferable option. In this case, you will find that the mounts have their own moldings. As a result, your window looks properly finished.

The Tilting Options

Custom Plantation Shutter

Your shutters can be tilted in two different ways. Remember that the function will remain the same in both the cases. It is only the visual impact where the difference can be seen. In the traditional style, the tilt bar is placed directly on the front of the shutters. As a result, it tends to obscure the view a bit but adds a vintage charm to the place. The modern style is more hidden as the bar is placed to the side of the shutter. This allows you to have a clearer view through the shutters.

The Color Options

There is no shortage of color options when it comes to custom plantation shutters. Here are some potential colors to choose from and the effect they have.

  • Wood Finish: This is a popular style and you can choose from a variety of woods. Their natural feel adds to the charm of the room.
  • White: This is the most popular choice. It looks classy and sophisticated.
  • Black: They are best used in spaces that you would like to keep dark such as TV rooms. They enhance the privacy of the cabinet.

When getting plantation shutters, keep the above points in mind so as to purchase the right one. Don’t forget to contact a professional for helping you with the measurements and the installation. 

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