Why Is Spring the Perfect Time for AC Maintenance?


AC Maintenance

Typically, the air conditioner only receives attention when it starts manifesting some issues. However, you don’t want to have to deal with such a problematic situation during the time when you simply cannot be without the cooling power of an AC, right? There’s no better way to avoid this than to schedule maintenance in the spring.

But why is spring the “ideal season” for AC maintenance? Dream Cool Air Condition Systems, a top AC cleaning services provider, rounds up five reasons below.

1. Spring is the season of allergens in the air.

With flowers blooming and plants coming back to life, pollen and other particulates become airborne. They make their way into air conditioning systems and clog the units’ filters. All these can compromise indoor air quality and trigger seasonal allergies. Cleaning or replacing the filters will ensure an ideal interior climate.

2. After a long cold season without using an AC, dust has definitely built up in the system.

As with most things, when something is not used for a long time, it accumulates dust and other kinds of dirt. You need to make sure that not only the filter is cleaned thoroughly, but the coils are, too; if they’re not, then the system’s energy efficiency will become compromised. In addition to that, the unit’s cooling power will decrease and its functional lifespan will shorten. It’s also important to get dirt out of the drainage system so that water will not travel and drip from the “face” of the AC inside the house.

3. It’s good to use an already tuned up AC, especially when summer heat creeps up into the spring air.

You want to be certain that when you start using the AC frequently during the summer, all its parts are working properly and can cool your home efficiently.

4. Vegetation may have grown into the system.

When your garden is growing and you made the mistake of installing your AC right over a plant bed, it’s very likely for leaves and vines to grow into the system. This can damage internal components so you want to make sure that vegetation-type debris like leaves, stems, and vines are removed right away. Afterward, consider strategies that will prevent vegetation from growing too much and getting into the unit.

5. Spring AC maintenance will prepare the system for an intensely hot summer.

Basically, it’s just so much better for the AC to already be working flawlessly come summertime, when it’s way hotter and the unit needs to run for a much longer time.

What is included in a spring/summer AC tune-up job?

# Changing or cleaning the filter.

When a filter is thick with dust, hair, pollen, and other debris, air will not be able to flow freely to the evaporator coil. With restricted airflow, the coil won’t be able to control humidity. Your home will not get cooled, and worse, the system may break down.

Bonus tip about filters: You’re better off not going with the expensive pleated AC filters. While they can catch the tiniest specks of dust, they tend to starve air conditioners of air because of their thick, tightly woven material. But they don’t only constrict airflow; they also increase the unit’s energy consumption. Opt for a more affordable filter that’s most similar to the one your AC originally came with.

# Inspection of loose and noisy parts.

HVAC professionals make sure the air conditioner system doesn’t vibrate or push out too much air.

# Cleaning out the drains.

This is an important step, especially for split-system air conditioners that have two drains (the primary and secondary drains) coming out of the house. When water comes out of the secondary drain, this means the primary drain is clogged and needs to be cleaned.

# Checking the amount of Freon.

This is crucial if the system is not cooling as efficiently as it used to, or if ice keeps on forming on the outside of the unit. A low amount of refrigerant is usually the cause of these.

Make sure your AC is in pristine shape this spring; this will extend the lifespan of the unit as well as ensure a comfortable interior environment for your family when temperatures rise.


Ghufran Khan

As owner and managing partner of Dream Cool Air Condition Systems LLC, the leading provider of high-quality AC services in the UAE, my passion is to help clients secure their AC investments through topnotch cooling maintenance and services.

After obtaining an Air Conditioning Associate Engineer degree in Pakistan in 1992, I moved to the United Arab Emirates in 1993 and started working for the Juma Al Majid Group of Companies.

In 2003, I started my own business and built my team of highly trained staff and certified AC professionals. Today, Dream Cool Air Condition Systems continues to offer reliable cooling solutions that lead to increased comfort, time and money savings to residential and commercial clients in the UAE.

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