A Simple Guide for Planning Your Bachelor Night


If you are the best man, then custom dictates that it falls to you to organize the groom’s bachelor night. You might as well include the betrothed man of honor into the whole planning process because, hey, there are no written rules as to how the entire event has to unfold. Everything is left to your devices and imagination. So think hard how you want this cause for celebration to be planned. Ask yourself: Do you want to make it a night he will never forget or better yet make an entire holiday out of the occasion?

Bachelor Night

If you don’t know how to start the planning process in its entirety, have no fear. Yes, organizing a stag party/weekend ain’t no picnic, but there are simple guidelines you can adhere to, which can make the experience all the more enjoyable. Start with…



We’ve all heard of the phrase “location, location, location”. Although the groom might have a clear notion as to where he wants to spend his final days as a single man, it is still good to ask him a couple of questions before you pinpoint your decision on a map, such as:

–       Do you want to remain in the country or go somewhere abroad?

–       How about considering something overseas?

–    How about Europe? The old continent has some of the best stag do capitals like Valencia, Prague, Hamburg, and Riga…

–     How long should the bachelor excursion last?

–     Are there any in-laws or VIP folks tagging along?


The date can seem far away but it can surprise you just how fast time can pass. This should prompt you to plan ahead and get everything booked on time, otherwise, your plans can go awry at the very last moment before departure. It is best to tackle this issue with some good coordination. Test your skills with:

–       Prepare everything at least a couple of weeks before the scheduled date, especially if you need to book plane tickets.

–       Allow the groom to recuperate after the travels so he can be ready and waiting for her bride down the aisle.

–       Aim to book early because you can get great deals from travel agencies and have enough time to deal with sudden changes in your stag gang.


The entire pre-marital period can be quite hectic so try to adapt everything to the groom’s schedule. Make sure there are no clashes, start early, and keep track of everyone’s agenda. Every attendee should be asked to adhere to the groom’s needs because it is, after all, his weekend. Other factors you should take into consideration are:

–    What is the weather going to be like and how does it affect the plans?

–    Is there anything else happening during that weekend, like the hen do party, birthdays, etc.?

–     Is the planned trip open for public volunteers or a closed group thing?

Fun is in details


Those little details are what make a difference between a memorable party and a regular one. Even the amenities can influence the overall impression, such as:

–       Transportation arrangements.

–       Locations to enjoy your food and drinks.

–       Attractions you want to visit.

–       Dares and challenges to spruce up the flow of fun.

–       Dress codes, no matter if serious or not.

–       Hotel check-ins and -outs.

And most importantly of all, It is necessary to have all paperwork prepped up and ready (visas, vouchers, insurance, etc.)

Budget, value, and needs

Bear in mind what your crew is going to be like. Do you have anyone with injuries, disabilities, or particular needs? Try to make arrangements, which will also benefit them and not just the groom, otherwise, they might miss out on all the fun. Another thing to ask yourself is whether or not you’ll have elderly people in your stag gang? Will they be able to endure the travel and all the action-packed activities you want to organize?

Also, budget always plays a vital role in planning your stag do weekends. Not everyone has thick wallets so try to accommodate everyone’s financial situation with the occasion. You see, it is a matter of comfort. Avoid putting anyone in an awkward situation where they won’t be able to follow your personalized itinerary. Manage the price points so that everyone can be a part of the action. Remember, it is up to your creativity to make the bachelor adventure engaging not just money.

Gather the crew


Not only will you be responsible for the groom’s weekend but you will also have to take each member of the crew into consideration. It is best to establish a system in advance where you will be able to collect funds with no difficulties. It can be a tedious business to chase payment from everyone.

Why not use social media to your advantage, too? Make a group for your network of friends and let everyone be involved or at least updated with the planning process. You will have instant replies, adapting to arrangement changes is easier, everyone can be kept in the loop, and any new information will be accessible.

Ultimately, you can ask for professional help…

That’s what experts are for. As mentioned before, organizing a stag event ain’t no walk in the park. It takes quite a lot of coordination skills to pull off something like traveling abroad with a group of people eager to let loose and have tons of manly fun. If the task proves to be too much of a burden, let the pros come in and support the process. Even the best man deserves a little assistance on the side even though the groom is entitled to all the help he can get. Remember, stag dos are supposed to be entertaining not an obligation. Make it so!

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