The Most Preferred BMW Used Cars That Are Worth Your Purchase


BMW used cars are the hottest segment of used cars preferred by most of the buyers. If you are looking to buy BMW used car, you may wonder which series of BMW to buy. The X5 BMW car is the new venture which was never taken over by an automaker. BMW is the brand which is famous particularly for their luxurious cars and when they entered the sports car market everyone was blown out of proportion. BMW X5 is a popular choice although the car appears to be small. The X5 is still a spacious car offering plenty of leg space. Talking about the interior of their cars, it is extremely luxurious coming with the high-end luxurious seats made up of pure leather, wooden trim onto the sides, center console and a dashboard. It is easy to read the engine system and speedometer whereas the center console is the very BMW layout.

BMW used-cars

Apart from BMW X5, BMW 3 Series is a popular choice among buyers having the average sales of 40% of entire BMW sales. The 3 Series is a compact and executive car which is bestselling in Canada and the USA. With this particular car series, you tend to enjoy some of the latest features brought out by the leading car brand. Among all the features, the chief ones are keyless entry, crash sensor and electronic stability control. The 5 Series is classed as executive Sedan which has a good resale value and thus the buyers love to purchase it.

Should you choose BMW 7 Series

In the used car series, BMW 7 series is the best car the brand has to offer. The awesome vehicle was brought into the market in the year 1972 and since then it has been ruling the market. It has all the bells or whistle makers that the automaker has to offer. It features the iDrive system, the video screen that allows you to control several features. Some of them include control of navigation, radio, communication, etc.

The features of X5 BMW

The BMW X5 comes equipped with features like power windows, power steering, ABS brakes, heating/air, etc. Apart from these, the BMW vehicle has several transmissions and engine sizes and so there needs to be varied fuel statistics. The 6 cylinder automatic transmission has the rating of 15 liter per 100 km of drive. The engine sizes of X5 BMW differs as per the years of manufacture. When buying X5 BMW, you must pay a closer attention to water pumps, radiator and air conditioner. Have a look at the electrical systems controlling the windows, doors and the mirrors.

Buy BMW used cars only from an authorized seller

BMW used cars

The market of used car is growing day by day. There is a move towards car leasing to create the predictable cycle of BMW used cars that tend to hit the market. It is the leasing phenomena which seem to change the trend of used car market as there is injecting of premium pre-owned cars having excellent service records along with the low mileage. It is great to learn that the brand has set a certification checklist that each of the BMW used cars must pass through. This is an advantage for the buyers of used cars. If you choose an authorized seller for the purchase of the automobile, you will get a warranty of 2 years over the original warranty.

Even if you drive the car for 77,000 miles, the car will stay under warranty. If you do not drive for a very long distance, you get the warranty of 5 years or so. Get to know about the warranty programs when choosing a seller.

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