Main Parameters to Be Considered While Buying a Doctor Examination Table


The examination table is one of the most important furniture pieces in a doctor’s clinic, where he can check for medical conditions for his patients. This table serves as a platform where the initial treatment of the patient can be started, mainly in case the patient is brought to the doctor in severe condition. So, it is important for doctors to have a suitable doctor examination table in their clinics or hospital chambers, for providing the best treatments to their patients. These tables are also used for massaging the patients, mainly for those suffering from muscular or neurological ailments.

Doctor Examination Table

Important factors to be checked in a doctor examination table

  • Main purpose of the table – Some examination tables are only meant for checking the patients and thus need to be comfortable enough for the people lying down there for clinical examinations. In case of a massaging table, it should have thick padding that can resist the pressure exerted on the body of the patients during the massage therapy. Likewise, these tables should have the suitable facilities for conducting chiropractic therapy or physical therapy, whatever practiced by the concerned medical professional.
  • Available space inside the clinic – The doctor’s clinic can be of various sizes as per the affordability of the doctor. The doctor examination table should fit perfectly inside the doctor’s chamber, along with the other furniture and instruments needed for running a clinic. If space is limited in a clinic, the wall-mounted table of appropriate length could be used as it is the best option. However, if there is no space constraint, the doctor can buy any kind of examination table available for his use.
  • Weight bearing capacity of the table – Normally, the examination table should be strong enough to bear the load of any patient lying over it. However, the table needs to have extra strength if the doctor is dealing mainly with the treatment of overweight patients, even the people weighing as much as 1000 pounds.
  • Required design of the table – The design of the doctor examination table may be created so that the table can be adjusted at any time according to the needs of the doctor or the treatment procedures adopted by him. The patients can both sit and lie over these tables according to the massaging requirements. The tables may also be of a fixed design that is chosen as per the clinical examination process practiced by the doctors.
  • Availability of storage space – The examination table needs to be stored safely when not in use by the doctor. So, the size and design of the table also depend on the amount of storage space in the clinic. Usually, shelves are present in the clinics that are used for storage and thus, the sizes of these shelves should be considered before buying a suitable table.
  • The mobility of the tables – Sometimes, the doctor may need to transfer the examination table from one clinic to another, when they practice in multiple clinics. Thus, these tables may be either foldable for the easy transportation facility. The examination table may also be available with rolling cart, on which it can be shifted for transporting to other clinics.
  • Additional facility of these tables – Some clinical examination tables are provided with drawers that can be used for storing many medical tools. The material by which a table is manufactured should be checked to make sure that the furniture piece lasts for many years.

Thus, the doctors now find the selection of their examination tables much easier, with the help of these above-mentioned tips. The appropriate examination table can make the clinical tests and the related treatments much faster, which is beneficial for both the doctor and his patients.

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