Legal Consequences of Drinking and Driving



Drinking and Driving

Did you know that thousands of people die every year due to drinking and driving accidents? However, that’s not only the consequence of drinking under the influence of alcohol. In fact, being found guilty of DUI  will result in a punishment which can severely affect the rest of your life. To minimize the risk of causing harm to yourself and others, below are the things you have to keep in mind about drinking and driving.

Getting To Know DUI and The Effects Of Alcohol On Driving

When we’re talking about DUI, it means driving under the influence. It’s an act of driving a motor vehicle with an exceeding alcohol level. In most cases, people being arrested for DUI are prosecuted accordingly. The penalties are so severe that they can even change the way you typically live your life. If you don’t want to put your life and the lives of others at risk, take note of the following effects of alcohol on driving:

●       Difficulty maintaining constant speed

●       Drowsiness

●       Trouble concentrating on driving

●       Having a poor sense of security and control

●       Having false sense of car tracking on the road

●       Poor coordination

●       Poor decision-making

●       Poor vision

●       Slow reaction time

If you’re concerned about putting your life and the other lives in harm’s way, you have to understand that drinking alcohol can have a negative effect on driving. That’s why the best thing to do is to avoid drinking alcohol when you’re driving.

The Legal Consequences Of Drinking And Driving

Drinking and Driving

When you’re caught driving under the influence of alcohol, you’re also exposing yourself to serious legal consequences. As provided by most state laws, drink driving convictions can have life-changing consequences to watch for. Let’s check them out.

1. Suspension or Revocation of your Driver’s License:  When you’re found guilty of DUI, suspension or revocation of your license can most likely happen.

●It’s a common legal consequence that you get your license suspended for a specific period or revoked permanently when you’re charged and convicted of DUI. For instance, revocation may happen when you’re apprehended for committing DUI for the third or fourth time.

● However, bear in mind that suspension lengths may vary from one state to the other. Some may suspend your license for 90 days while others for one year. In situations like these, it’s best that you know the period of license suspension for DUI cases in your place. That way, you’ll be aware of the effect of being caught for driving under the influence to your license especially when your license is important to your employment.

2. Facing Prison: Depending on how often you’re arrested for DUI, facing jail or prison can also be a devastating consequence.

●In considering jail time, you have to consider that states may have different mandatory jail sentences.

● Subject to the gravity of the offense and the extent of damage to yourself and others, your jail time may vary. Some may require a more extended period of a jail sentence while others may not. That’s why it’s important if you’re making yourself aware of your state laws regarding DUI jail time.

3. Payment of Fines and Fees: Drink driving convictions also require payment of fines and fees.

● Take note that being convicted of a DUI offense means that you have to pay for fees such as license-reinstatement and court fees. You’ll also be required to pay a corresponding fine for violating the law regarding DUI.

●However, the bottom line here is these fees may cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

4. Loss of Employment:  Being convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol can affect your everyday life especially when it involves your employment as a source of living.

● There are many ways on how drinking and driving convictions can result in loss of employment. You can lose your job if the nature of your work involves driving. When your employer finds out that you get arrested because of a DUI offense, they’ll most likely fire you from your current job.

●  You also have to keep in mind that any employer will unlikely hire you because of your prior record of DUI in your license. As a legal consequence of drinking and driving, you may also find it hard to look for employment in the future.

● When you’re seeking employment abroad, you may also find it difficult to enter other countries because of your criminal record involving DUI.

5. Other Legal Consequences: Driving under the influence of alcohol is a serious offense that you have to be aware of. Aside from the examples mentioned earlier, drinking and driving may still result in the following consequences:

●  Effect on your voting rights.

●  Inability to study or travel abroad.

●  Loss of custody of children.

●  Loss of parental rights.

●  Loss of passports.

●  Loss of public housing benefits.

●  Loss of your right to own a firearm.

●  Suspension or revocation of a professional license.

If you’re concerned about your everyday life, make sure to avoid the risks of driving under the influence of alcohol. Remember that drinking and driving convictions may have frustrating and stressful consequences in your life. If you’ve been charged with DUI, it’s best if you seek legal advice from a DUI attorney.

Disclaimer: This article is made available only for purposes of providing general information and general understanding of the legal aspect of DUI. It is not intended to provide a specific legal advice. To understand more the legal nature of DUI cases, it’s best if you get competent legal advice from a licensed professional attorney in your state for your situation.

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