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When considering buying a new home – which is one of the biggest choices you may ever have to make, both emotionally and financially – it is only wise to get all the information you can get. As an individual looking to acquire a new home, you need to be fully aware of all the information about the house you are considering buying. One vital way of achieving this is to employ the services of a good and reputable home inspection agency. They pay more attention to the areas which confirm your choices and those areas you may have pointed out as your most pressing concerns. They help you understand the importance of a home inspection; the inspector takes you on a tour in and around the house.

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Every new home should provide for you and your family with lots of happy moments and security. To ensure your home is as ready for you as you are for it, call on a reputable and professional Home Service Agency to cautiously access your new homes. With their numerous years of experience in the industry, they are sure to provide you a thorough analysis of your new home along with its compliance with all codes and safety features. So it is pertinent to acquire the services of the best inspectors there if you want to enjoy that tranquility of a new home, with your financial decision.

Having decided to move forward with inspectors, consider the following aspects of your home that need thorough inspection:

•    Structure of the home

•    HVAC systems

•    Electrical systems

•    Pest inspections

•    Radon testing

•    Water analysis

What you just read are the six vital aspects of a home inspection as it covers just about every important aspect of the exercise.

 Structure of the Home

Architectural Designer

The structure of the home is of huge and prime significance. This includes the foundation, basement, and roof. Every good inspection agency should render services in these specific areas for issues to prevent the destruction of property like:

•    Roof Leaks

•    Roof conditions

•    Cracks in the foundation

•    Basement water penetration and crawl space

HVAC System

This has to do with the HVAC units such as the home furnace and heat pump of the new home, taking into consideration of the type of units. The age of the unit should also be considered. The inspector should pay proper attention to these services to eradicate inconveniences to the new owner of the house.

Electrical Systems

Electrical Contractors

This is one area most inspectors look into with extra thoroughness to eradicate the issue of improper electric panels. The electrical structure of every home plays a huge and vital role in ensuring that both you and your family get an effective experience if it functions safely. If this area of the house is not properly inspected, the chances of potential future fire outbreak increases.

Pest inspections

Every true home inspection should include pest control, at perhaps almost no additional cost. These reports are needed for FHA/VA financing. Not every inspection agency is licensed to carry out this inspection, so be well informed to make sure the company you employ to inspect your new home is licensed to carry out this inspection. Insects such as ants, termite, and beetle are a threat to wood fittings in and around the house and should be thoroughly examined especially at the most vulnerable places.

Radon Testing

This inspection is carried out with an electronic continuous monitoring device, which measures the level of radon in the living areas of the home. If the level found is more than the required EPA action level, mitigation would be advised.

Radon is a radioactive gas which occurs naturally, gotten from the decay of uranium and radium. This is a known cause of lung cancer to people exposed to it at both high and low levels. The only way of determining the presence of radon gas in your home is by testing for it professionally. Since it is odorless, colorless and also tasteless, toxicity levels are extremely high if ignored. What is worse? It cannot be easily identified by a non-expert.

Water Analysis

This is one aspect that needs an inspection to ensure it meets the requirements for qualitative testing. Samples are collected from your proposed new home and tested in an independent laboratory to acquire a more accurate result.


In conclusion, after the whole inspection has been made, a full and detailed report including info on all the structural components such as plumbing, electrical, heating, and ventilation systems is provided to you. The structures which need corrections due to either code violations or threat to the safety of the new owner will be outlined so that possible corrections will be carried out to prevent financial loss or aversion in the purchase of the home. In the end, it is recommended that you settle for a reputable and licensed inspection company to help inspect your new home, whether you are just relocating or buying a home 


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