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The big day is here – you’re ready to move to your own storage unit. We’re sure you have big plans, perhaps you want to make a tour of the facility and get the unique key code, or even buy the first lock of the door, but that’s not all you need to do. If you did not find yours yet, check out the public storage houston.

We’ve written this article to offer you some pieces of advice about your unit storage experience.

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Dry sheets

You need to use dry sheets if you want to stay away from spiders and insects. You can put them in the corners and also in boxes, but make sure you don’t forget about the front of the unit either. Plus, your sheets are going to keep your items fresh and with a nice smell. However, you need to replace the sheets every month if you want the best results. Also, to help in absorbing the moisture, you can always put charcoal in a saucepan and leave it be in your unit.

Breathable materials

It’s best if you do the most out of breathable materials, like cardboard. This way, moisture will not be trapped, causing unpleasant situations. Don’t rely on plastic bags or airtight containers to store your items.

Make an aisle

This way, it will be easier for you the get access to your things. Place the boxes in a way you can still walk among them. There will be times when you’ll only need one single thing from the unit. And you will be able to get it fast, if you don’t have to wait to move all the boxes to make yourself some room.

Stack boxes on one side, couches on the other

This way, you’ll make more room. Vertical space is important and if you put the boxes of the same size on one way, and the couches on the other, you’ll get plenty of space. You can also use shelves to store some of your things.

Mattress covers

If you decide to use them, you’ll keep your mattresses and boxes clean, with no trace of dust. To cover the top and bottom in order to stay away from dust, you can use two fitted sheets.

Prevent mold

You can prevent mold by leaving a small space between the box and your walls. This way, you allow ventilation to take place. Also, you can use wood pallets to put the boxes on, so they won’t stay directly on the floor.

Be careful with the electronics

It’s true, most of your items will be temperature resistant, but when it comes to electronics, you need to be more cautious. They are not resistant to cold weather, and the freezing temperature can really ruin your gadgets  – your tv, laptop, hard drive and computer. Let them stay in your home for about 48 hours before plugging them, to make sure that they won’t crack.

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