How to Choose an Optimal Memorial Plaque for Your Pet?


It can be very painful to lose a pet and although nothing can replace their memory, one can celebrate their existence by dedicating a memorial to them. There are numerous brands and companies that provide such pet tributes in a variety of options according to the choice and budget of the customer. Such memorials may include plaques, grave markers, and headstones, all of which are personalized for the concerned pet. Since such plaques and markers are increasingly installed not only as wall hangings but also in the garden area or backyard of a house by people, they are made to withstand extreme weather conditions throughout the year. Now you can also install these optimal plaques for your pet and keep their presence forever.

Materials Used for Making Memorial Plaques

Whether you decide to display the memorial plaque inside your house or outside in the graveyard or garden, the material used in making should be durable and sturdy to be able to last long. Here are the common materials that memorial pet plaques are made with:

  • Bronze

Bronze is a common material used for making outdoor plaques owing to its attractive look. While the metal has an aesthetic appeal, it has certain disadvantages as well. Rain tends to oxidize the metal and cause it to rust, thereby requiring regular maintenance such as polishing. In this case, you can choose some plaques made with stones because stones or granite plaques can easily resist the harsh climate and humidity level.

  • Granite

Granite is another popular material used owing to its strong yet appealing nature. Such plaques are available in natural colors such as red, pink, brown, black, and grey and can be engraved with lettering or design either by sandblasting, laser, or etching. They are weather resistant and you do not replace these plaques after certain time.

  • Stone

Stone is probably one of the best materials to use as a memorial plaque owing to its strong and durable properties that make it hold up over time. Natural rock is a great option whose natural appearance makes it suitable for a garden setting. One can get the details engraved upon the stone through sandblasting.

Things to Consider While Choosing a Plaque

With several companies offer a wide range of options for a memorial pet plaque, it can become difficult to choose a suitable option. There are thus certain factors that you can keep in mind to make the right choice:

  1. Size- You should be able to choose the size of a plaque depending on where and how you will be displaying it. Many brands offer plaques ranging from the small-sized and inconspicuous ones to the larger and prominent ones.
  2. Price- Although most pet memorials are known to be pocket-friendly, aspects such as size, material, and method of engraving will affect the price. You should thus formulate a budget before setting out to shop for a memorial to avoid making expensive choices.
  3. Material- Since these plaques are available in different materials, you should be able to choose one according to your needs. Thus, if you want a more formal look, then granite and marble are suitable. On the other hand, natural stones such as quartz and slate give a more casual look.

In addition to these factors, it is also essential that you buy the memorial from a reputable company or brand. This would ensure that you invest in only quality and long-lasting plaque that requires no or minimum maintenance. Also look for the customization option provided by the company for engraving a special message or picture, making it weather sealed and other such features.

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