How To Hire Hardwood Floor & Refinishing Service Provider Near Me?


Wooden floors enhance the value of your home. Homes with installed hardwood floors require regular maintenance as well. Whether you are planning to install new hardwood flooring or thinking of refinishing service, you don’t have to do it on your own. Contacting a local contractor is a perfect way to get good flooring.

Hardwood Flooring

Depending on wear and tear of hardwood, professional contractors remove damaged hardwood and add a fresh coating. Homeowners can get the best quality hardwood flooring and refinishing service providers in Utah near their area, but they need to make some research to get the best one.

Here we have discussed how to select a contractor in Utah who can offer flawless Hardwood floor installation and refinishing service near your area:

  • Take help of Google maps:

While hiring, the most practical contractor is the one located nearest the homeowner. Hence, Check Google maps to locate the nearest flooring contractor. Add city/town to find hardwood floor refinishing nearme to get the resulting page with the list of contractors nearest to your home. The search can be narrowed further by adding the ZIP of home address.

  • Check the website and reviews:

If you live in and around Salt Lake City then you should type in Salt Lake City. The search resulting page will show the list of Salt Lake City hardwood floors installers. The page not only provides addresses of contractors but also shows the reviews from customers, contractor’s website, etc. Select some contractors depending on the reviews and your research. Check their website, the type of services they offer and what are the customer reviews. Select some contractors and start calling them for the following information.

  • An insured and certified company

Ensure the contractor is fully covered by reliable insurance including liability and worker’s compensation. Liability pays for property’s damages and contractor’s caused injuries but, does not pay for the cost of replacing and/or repairing poor work. Worker’s compensation pays workers for any accidental injuries, lost wages, medical services and life (contractor’s family is paid in case of death).

If the contractor has no insurance, the homeowner has to pay for any accidental injuries. To avoid any financial burden, homeowners should request to see the latest Certificate of Insurance. Most service providers have the mandatory insurance required for application of trade license and registration.

  • Trade license number and other documents:

Before hiring the contractor, ask for trade license number, business/occupational license number, bonding proof, and insurance. Ensure all documents are current and relevant to the interesting project. Homeowners should double check the authenticity of all documents from online State Licensing Board.

All states across the US do not require a license, bond, and insurance. People living in Salt Lake City are residents of Utah State. Hence, they should enter interested State (Utah) and category (Hardwood Flooring Sales/Installation/Refinishing) while using License Check tool. The results show the hardwood flooring Utah agency name as Utah Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing. The license type Utah Residential and Small Commercial Contractor qualifies service providers for hardwood floors Utah.

  • Experienced and approved company (Ask for references):

Before hiring the company to ensure the contractors are experienced and approved by National Wood Flooring Association. It guarantees their trained experts follow industrially accepted standards. Also, they all maintain portfolios with works done for various customers. Homeowners should contact the previous customer to inquire about the quality of work done. Most of the reputed hardwood flooring companies will never have any issues to share the references of the customers for whom they have worked.

  • Narrow down your search more and ask for a quote:

After applying the above steps you will remove some contractors from the list. A few that are left on your list, contact them for a quote. They will inspect your place and accordingly give you a quote. They will also offer suggestions and give genuine advice which will work for you. So, choose the one that meets your needs as well as budget.


So, take care of the above points while searching for a flooring contractor and select the best service provider for installing and refinishing hardwood for home. Collect and keep the documents: Certificate of Insurance, license, bond, contract, invoice, advance payment made, correspondents. Check the gallery of their work on their website and ask for references. Finally, call for quote. You will definitely, get a good contractor if you take care of all these points while searching for a contractor.

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