High Tech Lighting for Modern and Commercial Homes


Modern industries, commercial centers, and offices adopt high standards, and the staff has access to good quality decor, furniture, accessories, and lighting. Although employees and workers are primarily motivated by financial concerns, the business productivity is related to the office or warehouse ambience. The well-designed LED Highbay light is a great option for open areas with high ceilings. These designer lights consume less power and they can be purchased in different designs and colors.  For the office, warehouse, parking area and commercial places, we need to install huge numbers of blubs or lights because we have to brighten these places with more lighting options for our convenience. But when we use so traditional lights and halogens in these commercial areas, the power consumption level will be increased automatically. Now people can install some LED Highbay lights in these areas to remove the darkness and they can save up to 75% electricity consumption bill by installing these lights. 

  • The lighting market is flooded with a wide range of Highbay models in small, medium, and large sizes. Commercial spaces and warehouses that have higher than 8-meter ceilings are a perfect setting for these UFO styled, designer bay lights.
  • These high-tech fittings have many admirable features, and most of them come with up to 3 years of warranty. The attractive models are available in black and white colors, and customers have a range of wattage options from 60W to 300W. The strategically installed lights can efficiently illuminate floors, vertical surfaces, and the working places in an equal manner.

What are the attractive features of LED Highbay lights?

led light

The LED Highbay light fittings are suitable for even large warehouse spaces as the top-rated models generate a whopping 20,000 lumens of light. The best models have very high wattage and even low cost models generate enough brightness to cover maximum areas. The installation process is also very simple as the carabiner at the rear fastens the equipment to the ceiling hook.

  • The LED fittings guarantee customer satisfaction due to longer life spans, and they can lower the monthly electricity bills by more than 80% to 90% when compared to non-LED or CFL bulbs.
  • All the LED Highbay light models have innovative designs, and their efficiency is enhanced by good reflectors and optics.
  • The high-quality light gets distributed uniformly across the workspaces, and the workers and office staff can go about their business without any visual obstructions. The proportionate area in the warehouse or garage is covered with luminescence, and various low cost models are suitable for lofts and open plan apartments.

Advantages of LED Highbay Light

led light

The immense popularity of the LED Highbay light equipment can be attributed to efficient features like low energy consumption, flexible installations, and reduced electricity bills. 

1.  Durability

Any modern lighting device has to deliver on the promises made during sales and marketing pitches, and durability is a very important consideration for the consumers. Lower maintenance needs also give the LEDs a great advantage over competitors as they do not fail easily despite regular or extended use.

2. Longevity

In comparison to CFL and filament bulbs, LED lights have 10 times longer life times and this is attributed to their superior ability in converting electric current to light without any heat.

3.  Installation Flexibility

The LED Highbay light fittings can be installed in internal and external spaces like warehouses, gyms, sports arenas, loading docks, industrial units, garages, and other venues with large lighting requirements.                   

The High-tech models with in-built smart sensors and dimmable features can further lower the energy consumption and reduce the electric bills.

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