Guide to Purchase Gel Cushions for Wheelchair Seat


gel-seat-cushions-for-wheelchairsThere are many people confined to wheelchairs spend hours on them which can be painful. Sitting at one place can lead to severe back pain due to pressure. There are many orthopedic cushions that can be placed on the wheelchairs for relief and comfort. There are different types of seat cushions that make the sitting experience great like foam wheelchair cushions, air wheelchair cushions, gel cushions etc.

Among the many cushions, gel pressure relief cushion provides optimal comfort and support to the lower back and spine. The cushions have foam base with gel layer on the top that allows flexibility while sitting. The distribution of weight is done properly providing relief to the back from the pressure of sitting long hours. The gel cushions are ideal at absorbing heat, but very heavy and can bottom out.

Some Health Benefits of Gel Cushions

  • The gel pressure relief cushion is one great option for people who use wheelchair and have issues like lower back pain, leg numbness etc. One can get rid of several health issues including skin breakouts or ulcers by using this cushion while sitting for long hours.
  • The cushions come with therapeutic properties as they are designed to make the user comfortable while sitting. Along with providing comfort, the gel can help in mobility of the users too when they sit.
  • The gel present in the cushions help in distributing the weight and pressure evenly through the cushion. This helps in better blood circulation and at the same time improves the posture of the user.
  • The gel absorbs the shock thereby reducing the vibration while moving around. This minimizes the chances of injury and muscle spasm.
  • These types of cushions are very durable and last long with little maintenance. It is easy to clean the cushions with a piece of cloth soaked in warm water and detergent. The seat cushions are compact and portable too and so can be carried to anywhere you want.

Things to Consider Before the Purchase


If you are a first time buyer of gel pressure relief cushion, you need to do some research. There are many important things you need to consider before you purchase one.

  • Size of the cushion is one thing that you need to look for before you go to purchase one. The wheelchairs come in different sizes and you have to find the cushion that fits the seat perfectly or else it can cause mobility problem. Stability can enhance with fitted seat cushion for the wheelchair. So, you need to accurately measure the seat width, length, and depth before you go to purchase the gel cushion.
  • Movement and positioning is very important for health of wheelchair users. Depending upon the condition of the individual, one has to select the type of gel cushion. Person who can move his body freely on his/her own while using wheelchair must have flat design whereas those who cannot move unassisted should get contoured design of gel cushion.
  • It is very important to understand that the cushions are designed to withstand a specific weight only. Someone using cushion with weight capacity less than his/her actual weight might feel comfortable for some time but the cushion will wear out soon. It is thus vital to select the cushion that meets the body type of the user.
  • Select the cushion that can be easily maintained and last long. Waterproof cushions with easy to clean and breathable cover are great options.
  • Buy gel wheelchair cushion that can be secured as these are heavier than other cushions.

High quality wheelchair cushions can prevent a lot of ailments due to sitting for hours. Gel cushions are designed specifically for relieving pressure by distributing the weight properly. Get the best comfort and prevent sore body with high quality gel cushions. Choosing the right gel cushion for your requirement is very important to ensure comfortable sitting and healthy life for the patient.

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