Guide For Becoming a Transmission Specialist


Automotive transmission is becoming increasingly complex in the modern world. They are basically highly skilled and trained technicians who possess the potential to diagnose problems and fix different kinds of manual and automatic transmissions. Transmission Specialists often work very hard doing overtime, over nights and long weekends. Such is the demand for trained transmission specialist.

Educational qualification required:

Transmission Specialist.

To become a transmission specialist, the basic eligibility or the minimum requirement is to have a diploma certification. In general, it is essential to be graduated with post-graduation. Normally this kind of education is available in the field of ASE. ASE is the abbreviation for Automotive Service Excellence. The skills required to become a successful transmission specialist are-

  • Experience of about 2-6 years
  • Mechanical skills
  • Strong base in mathematics
  • Fluent English conversation skills
  • Hydraulic system knowledge along with expertise in computerized systems
  • Use of computerised diagnostic equipments
  • Legal driver’s license
  • Clean record for driving 

The transmission specialists are centres who provide preventive maintenance and full service of transmission. 

Rebuilding of Transmission:

  • Automatic Rebuilder Transmission Specialists are those who serve their communities for long years. Since their expertise lies in the repairing, rebuilding and servicing of domestic and foreign transmissions.
  • Their employees are well trained and have years of transmission experience. They use the highest quality parts to ensure that you get the most miles possible out of your transmission. They also offer an 18-month unlimited mile warranty on the transmissions that are rebuilt because this is a service-oriented field and they have to stand behind their workmanship.
  • The primary concern is providing you with a great deal on a quality product and to ensure that you will get many miles out of your rebuilt transmission. They stand behind work and want the customers to feel secure in the knowledge that they have made the right choice.

 The services provided by this transmission specialists are:          

  • Multi-Point Inspection & Diagnostics Service
  • Transmission Services
  • Power Purge and Maintenance Services
  • Four-Wheel Drive (4×4) Services

How to become a transmission specialist

Transmission Specialist

A student who is interested should first enroll for a automotive training program. The first requirement here is going for an apprenticeship program or one can also opt for an entry-level position. There are other ways to get training too. There are schools along with auto manufacturers offering a transmission specialist apprenticeship program that helps students to attain associate’s diploma and certification. The same may take 2-4 years and it basically helps them earn valid degrees.

Some degree programs are also available for graduates and higher levels of transmission specialists. Some of these job advertisement request that the candidate should possess on the job training. They should have experience and expertise of dealing and fixing vehicles. If a candidate has a certification from some automobile manufacturer and also an associate degree, his position in the market automatically becomes more competitive.

The employers prefer formal training. They wish to hire transmission specialist who bags some on-job training and experience. The interested candidate can enroll for manufacturer-dealer sponsored degree programs or an apprenticeship programmed. They can start working as trainees or technician helpers. New transmission specialists ideally get internship benefits that help them get a much stronger grasp of the profession. It also helps in minimizing risks in the future.

One can get certifications from National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) after passing certain tests and examinations. Certifications are generally valid for a period of 5 years and after this a recertification test becomes essential. Transmission specialists should try and ensure that their certification does not expire and thus keep renewing the same.



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