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Pool Tiles

Choosing pool tiles can be a tricky task because they add on to the design of the house and landscape, both. One has to make sure that tiles chosen are affordable, have a low-maintenance, and act like an add-on feature to the pool. Before purchasing pool tiles, one should consult with various suppliers and sellers, so that the buyer can ensure the right price of the product in the market and have a look at the varieties to choose from. It is crucial to assure that tiles one chooses provides firm grip. Only those pool tiles are secure enough to be installed, which provide secure grip or else, one could easily slip and fall. It is recommended to talk to people who already own a swimming pool. So that, one can learn from their experience and take informative decisions accordingly on the basis of their advice.

Below are some different types of pool tiles and their features, which you can incorporate in your pool:

Pool Tiles.

  • Porcelain Swimming Pool Tiles

The most commonly used tiles are the ones, which are made up of porcelain. They are easy to install, are affordable, and have low maintenance cost. They require minimum effort for cleaning and are capable of retaining their look. They are preferable for swimming, as they have a soft touch, which is appreciable. The only drawback of porcelain pool tiles is that they can break with an impact of any blunt force.

  • Mosaic Swimming Pool Tiles

Mosaic pool tiles are recommended when one is looking for giving their swimming pool a colorful appearance. Mosaic tiles can be a combination of distinct colours, sizes, and shapes, as well. These pool tiles can be used in the bottom of the pool or can be used for overall coverage, as well. However, if they are used as the bottom of the pool, then it is advised to drain the pool in every two years, so that the tiles can be cleaned and all the molds, algae, and other chemical buildups can be removed and sanitized.

  • Glass Swimming Pool Tiles

Glass swimming pool tiles are available in vibrant colours, designs, and textures and are appealing to the eyes. Though they are a little expensive. However, these beautiful tiles seem worth every penny after installation. The biggest positive aspect of these pool tiles is that they make the pool appear deeper than it already is. The colour, designs, and textures of the glass tile make create an illusion of the pool being deeper, which looks broad and beautiful. However, the installation of the glass tiles can be tedious, but it’s not impossible at least.

  • Brick Swimming Pool Tiles

Brick pool tiles give a more regal and dignified look to the swimming pool. Such tiles are available and preferred in red, but they are also available in other distinct colors, as well. One major drawback of these pool tiles is that they are porous in nature and have to be sealed and protected completely so that the water does not penetrate and damage the bricks also. It requires proper maintenance, as in, it has to be cleaned and the sealant has to be applied again at regular intervals in order to retain its appearance.

  • Stone swimming pool tiles

These pool tiles can give an abstract look to the swimming pool. Stone pool tiles provide a natural element around the people just like lakes and ponds. These are also quite expensive and have high maintenance, as well as they also have to be sealed and cleaned regularly so that they do not absorb water. The installation process is quite laborious and lengthy, but it is worth the wait.

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