Everything You Need to Know About Mobile Crane Rentals


Mobile cranes are heavy duty equipment designed to carry loads for various applications. From construction, transportation of materials to storage and assembly- the mobile crane acts to the one-stop solution for all your material handling and shipping needs. However, there are certain qualities that make it different from its other variants of crane and you need to choose the best mobile crane according to your needs. In this case, you can seek advices from the experts and reputed mobile crane hire company can help you to choose the best type of crane according to your nature of work.

What Are the Features of Mobile Crane?

Mobile Crane


  • Ergonomic Design: The cranes come with self-propel design and are effortlessly operated through a cable. This enables you to move them to the desired direction without any sort of complication. Plus, it reduces the unwanted strain on operators and eliminates the risk of injuries too.
  • Improved Safety & Load Control: The accidents associated with usual cranes are much higher compared to its mobile cranes. Since mobile cranes lift the object using overhead facility they don’t have the risk of dropping them down, and they are able to carry large loads efficiently as well. So you can reduce the damaged cost by using these mobile cranes in your construction site.
  • Avoids Unwanted Obstructions: The mobile cranes are often positioned at the highest point of the facility and with this they are able to avoid any sort of obstructions that might come into their way, including the ceiling of your warehouse or other such elements. With this you get the flexibility to install the crane almost anywhere.

How To Choose The Right Mobile Crane Rental?

Mobile Crane

When you are out there searching for the ideal one out of the diverse mobile cranes out there, there are a few things that you need to have in your mind. Taking an account of these aspects will help you in discovering the potential mobile crane amongst the several options.

  • Step 1: Reach of the crane: The first step is to understand the maximum reach that would be suitable for you and then compare this value with that of the crane. This often varies from one site to another, so be sure to have a precise measurement. On an average, those mobile cranes that are able to reach over 60 meters are excellent choice for large projects.
  • Step 2: Capacity of the crane: The next step is to know the total amount of weight that can be carried by the mobile crane. Most of the crane rental companies provide cranes with capacity ranging from 15 to 140 tones. Therefore, evaluate the overall weight of the goods that carne needs to carry and then take your decision accordingly.
  • Step 3: Analyze your terrain: Examine the terrain where you plan to use the crane. While majority of mobile cranes are known to the all-terrain vehicle, yet there are a few that may not be able to operate their best on dirt, gravel or uneven surfaces.

Getting a proper overview of the company will help you shortlist the good ones, and in this regard, you can check their license, experience level and online reviews to choose the best mobile crane hire company.

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