Car Maintenance Tips to Prolong Your Car’s Life


With the ever-increasing prices of commodities, most of us always try to find ways to avoid unnecessary expenses. Part of this is making sure that we keep our car on the road for as long as possible. As a motorist, we want our vehicle to have a long lifespan so we could avoid buying a new car and save money.

When you’re planning to use your car for a long time, the daily use can have an impact on its life. However, there are many ways you can lessen the wear and tear and keep it in its top condition.Whether it’s regularly getting a car service in Perth or doing some maintenance checkups, there’s always something we can do for our vehicle. Take a look at some of the useful tips you can follow to prolong the life of your car.

Regular Car Maintenance Service


This tip is essential as it may save you a significant amount of money down the road. Whatever the road condition may be in Sydney, Melbourne or Perth, a car service on a regular basis will keep your vehicle in tip top condition. The trip to the shop may cost you some dollars but it will definitely keep your car running properly. Essentially, the small amounts of money you spend on maintaining your car will save you a significant amount of cash later on.

Take Long Drives from Time to Time

Many car owners know that using a vehicle solely for short trips is not advisable. When you only use your car to go to the supermarket in town or for other short errands, then the vehicle’s engine oil will not reach the temperature needed to boil away excess moisture. The oil then thickens and starts to have a tar-like consistency. Eventually, the oil will not properly perform, affecting the engine. So, from time to time or at least once a month, schedule a longer ride so you can avoid oil build-up.

Avoid Revving your Engine

It might be exhilarating to rev your engine at red lights and drive your car at high speeds. However, these are not advisable as they can shorten the lifespan of your car. For instance, revving your car quickly heats up the engine. This, in turn, causes gasket issues as well as engine leaks that can be quite expensive to repair. What you can do is drive below the speed limit and then gradually work your speed up. In this way, you can prolong your car’s life and avoid repairs.

Use Cat Litter to Dehumidify

Moisture can be a big problem for your car. While most drivers keenly protect the exterior of their car from this issue, they often consider the interior a lower priority. The affordable and short-term solution to this problem is placing a tray of cat litter at the back seat or in the boot. Choose a cat litter that is designed to quickly and efficiently absorb moisture. Putting a tray of cat litter from time to time can keep your car’s interior dry. In this way, you can prevent rusting as well as preserve the condition of your upholstery.

Take Care of your Tyres

Ceramic Brake Pads

When you have well-maintained tyres, you can keep your vehicle running safely and efficiently. So, do not forget to check them from time to time. Regularly review the air pressure and the tread depth of the tyres. If you notice any potential issues, bring your car to the shop and see what needs to be done. When you see a problem early, you can save yourself from costly repairs down the road.

Let a Friend Drive your Car

While religiously maintaining your car is a good thing, it can become a routine and you may not notice some small issues, especially if they have slowly developed over time. So, it would be advisable to let a trusted relative or friend drive your car every now and then. They may be able to notice some details that passed you by and save you from costly repairs in the long run.

Switch your Tyres Bi-Annually

It is advisable for you to rotate your tyres every 6,000 miles or twice a year. Usually, all you have to do is switch the tyres from front left to the rear right and the front right to the rear left. However, make sure you pay close attention to the detailed instructions you can find in the manual.

This is a good means of checking uneven wear on your tyres so you can avoid problems in the long run. In this way, you can prolong the tyres’ life and reduce stress on other sections of the vehicle.

Monitor These Fluids Under the Hood

One of the best ways to keep your car running smoothly is by checking the fluids under the hood. This is something you can do yourself and it also prevents serious issues in the long run. Here are some of the fluids you have to regularly check:


The oil is the most important fluid in your car is it functions as the lubricant for the engine’s moving parts. It is advisable to have the right amount of oil so that the wear and tear on the engine will be reduced. Check the manual to find the oil dipstick and once you locate it, use a paper towel or cloth to wipe it clean. Reinsert it into the opening and review the level markings to see if you need more oil in your engine.

Transmission Fluid

The transmission fluid lubricates your car’s gear whenever you shift. To check this fluid, make sure that the engine is running. Review the manual to locate the transmission fluid dipstick. Once you find it, wipe it clean and check if you have the ideal transmission fluid level. Also, do not forget to check if the fluid is red or brown. If it is brown, it means it is burnt and it is time to replace the fluid.


When you see a car overheating with smoke pouring from inside the hood, there must be a problem in the radiator, the water pump or the antifreeze fluid. You will typically find the coolant’s opening near the radiator at the front of the car. Before you remove the cap, make sure that the engine has cooled down. The ratio of the antifreeze and distilled water is 1:1, but you can always buy a more costly, pre-mixed version of it from an auto shop.

These are just some of the things you can do to prolong the life of your car. If you do not have the time to do any of these, your best option will always be to regularly drive your vehicle to an auto garage to have it maintained.


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