Benefits of Using a Glass Balustrade Over the Other


Balustrades are basically derived by combining the handrail, base rail, spindles, and the newels. The balustrades are arranged in a row which is topped by a rail. The Balustrade has been created to protect people from falling and acts as a barrier in the architectural structure.  You can find different kind of materials used for making balustrades such as wooden balustrade, cast stone, polymer, stainless steel and glass balustrades in the market. People love to install glass balustrade in their home and pool area because these balustrades are very easy to maintain, and you can also decorate your poolside areas and staircase with these glass balustrades. 

Glass Balustrade

There are mainly 7 types of Balustrades used in the designing of the house: 

The Balustrade names are Stainless Steel, Wood, Stone, Polymer, Polyurethane, Vinyl, and Glass. The majorly used Balustrade is Glass Balustrade which is another choice to a traditional style Balustrade. It depends on your choice and budget that what type of balustrade you want, and moreover, you can fit some glass balustrade in your home for the home improvement.                                                                        

Information and benefits of using a Glass Balustrade over the other: 

  1. It is the most elegant style of balustrade to a balcony or a deck railing. Glass Balustrade is the most prominent style of balustrade among the builders and the designers in both exquisite and artistic form. Today’s Glass technologies have much to offer than the previous styles including the strength and the durability.
  2. Glass creates more spaciousness and makes a clear impression of bigger space. The Glass Balustrade creates a fresh, open and transparent atmosphere which is more suitable for expansive and broader atmosphere.
  3. Glass Balustrade allows the light to penetrate through the glasses and enhances the presence of sunlight. It creates a more spacious and airy atmosphere inside the house.
  4. A glass is the environment-friendly which incumbents the supreme quality than the other material like marble or stone. Its transportation and installation are easier as compared to other materials.
  5. Glass Balustrade is easier to preserve and remains clean by simply cleaning with the cloth. The originality is maintained by cleaning only. So you do not need to spend any additional amount of maintaining these balustrades and you can easily clean them in a normal way.
  6. Glass Balustrade has the safest and the strongest glass available in the market. The toughened glass is much stronger than the regular glass. 

Glass Balustrade

There are many distinct types of Glass Balustrades available in the market. Few are listed below: 

Clear toughened safety glass: This is the most famous and common type of glass balustrade which is safe and allows the light to pass through it and make it more spacious. This type of Glass uses reflective coatings or they can provide you highest durability and toughness with high-performance. 

CIP Toughened Laminated safety Glass: It consists of two or three sheets of glass bonded together by a multilayer to give the output. This type of Glass balustrade has many advantages which are strength and safety zone. 

Toughened Low Iron Glass: This type of Glass is more pure and cleaner as the glass is exclusively designed with the exclusion of ion particles. It is so pure that it becomes virtually invisible. 

Toughened Sand Blasted Glass: The Glass which is available in frosted look which is created by blasting the surface is sandblasted glass. This Glass has the quality of being opaque and still allows the light to pass through it. 

Toughened textured glass: It is the decorative type of glass that can be felt with the help of fingertips. It is a different type of balustrade which is beautiful and elegant. 

So now you can choose the glass balustrade according to your needs and you must hire some trained professional to install the same. 

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