Why You Should Go For Colorbond Roof Replacement ?


Roofs are the most important part of any house. Usually, roofs are made of tiles but a new replacement for tiles is the colorbond. Both kinds have their own set of advantages and the roof design can differentiate each other. Concrete and terracotta tiles are used for roofing at several places and it gives a traditional look. The first colorbond roof replacement was developed 50 years back. It has a high graded manufacturing process and product development which made it an outstanding choice for roofing. Moreover, colorbond is a product which gives a higher warranty.

Benefits of Colorbond Roofs

There are a number of benefits of colorbond roof replacement.

  1. Lightweight– The most important benefit is weight. Colorbond is found to be much lighter as compared to the tile roofing. It is almost 90% lighter than any other kind of roofing. The handling and installation are not that easy and fast but the roofing subframe is never heavy loaded as you can use the space rafters and the lighter battens which can lead to cost saving.
  2. LongevityThe colorbond roof replacement proves to be beneficial in terms of lifespan. They have the life expectancy of around 70 years. Compared to colorbond roofs, tile roofs get damages and are also prone to the cracking in certain conditions. The issues of leaking also occur commonly when the tile roofs are used. The colorbond roofs flashings in the ridge are simple to install and a reliable choice.
  3. Hygiene– The tile roofs which are older absorb the water and that causes to increase in roof weight. The tiles can crack and the dirt built up can increases mold and moss which contaminates the drinking water. It is not the case with colorbond roof.
  4. Low-maintenance – Maintenance is a common issue which is faced by people in roofs. Colorbond roofs are well known for having low maintenance with a stable surface. When the maintenance is needed such as repairing and cleaning, there is less amount of damage caused to the roofing panels. The tile roofs can crack when they are exposed to water and also allow dirt build up.
  5. Customizable – The colorbond roofs need to be installed with 55 mm thick roll and it has insulation blankets under it. The blankets offer you with acoustic, thermal and condensation protection. The colorbond roofing is flexible for designers as compared to other roofing. This is the reason that the buildings are been designed with colorbond roofing rather than tile roofing in current times. Moreover, you get a number of color choices with colorbond roofing as it is creative roofing. The major advantage of colorbond roofing is that it can be installed on a low pitch and also on flat roofs.

Easy Installation

Colorbond is easy to install for the experienced people. When it is the roofing materials, the critical part is installing the roof as per the manufacturer instruction. The colorbond roofing has the advantages of being lightweight and length properties and it means that large areas can be covered by fewer people and it reduces damage risk as the property is exposed to fewer people. So, you can go for colorbond roof replacement as it has several benefits to offer.

Cost of Colorbond Roof Replacement

There are a number of factors which decide the costing of the roof. The only path is by seeking quotes from colorbond providing firms. On average, it is found that the colorbond roof will be the same price as the concrete roofs. The saving comes at a later stage. It causes low maintenance, storm damage resistance, good insulation, a low premium on home insurance.

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