The Benefits Of Hikvision 4mp Ip Camera Over Analog Systems


More and more people are making the switch to hikvision 4mp ip camera in place of an analog camera simply due to the benefits that it provides. One of the biggest advantages of using IP security cameras over analog variants is that it produces high resolution images which you will not get with analog cameras.

  • An analog camera may have HD-TVI, HD-CVI or AHD technology that will allow it to provide full HD and 4K resolution, but the IP cameras will offer a bit more. These cameras will offer mega pixel resolution. This will make a huge difference when you want to get intricate details from the images.
  • Apart from high resolution and high-quality images due to its better internet bandwidth these cameras will offer higher level of security. It is almost impossible for somebody to intercept the video stream between the camera and your laptop or mobile phone.

This is because, the man-in-the-middle or the hacker cannot encrypt the data and therefore your hikvision 4mp ip camera system will be protected against interception. This data is typically encrypted and stays between the user and the server, that is your camera and your laptop or mobile phone. This data will also be protected in the recorder or monitoring device following the same level of data encryption making the entire system absolutely safe.

Analytics and scalability

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There are several other advantages of switching to a hikvision 4mp ip camera over analog camera system of which analytics and scalability are most important. These specially designed IP cameras will ensure better, greater and safer transfer of data than analog cameras. This is because these IP security cameras send the signal over a secured network to the DVR which is not possible by the analog cameras.

  • The digital video recorder or DVR will be able to highlight the specific events and also save these. That means you will not have to play all through the entire footage to find a specific moment. This will save you a lot of time. All you have to do to avoid scrolling through the entire footage to find the highlighted or flag events is to base your search on specific parameters.
  • As for the scalability aspect the analog camera will limit your search to a single DVR even though there may be a number of cameras. Moreover, you will need a lot of cable for each of these individual cameras. On the other hand, the IP cameras use a Network Video Recorder or NVR that will help in running all different cameras within a specific range using a single switch. This switch runs back to the NVR saving substantial amount of cabling, maintenance and installation costs.

The best part of the hikvision 4mp ip camera is that you can use Power over Ethernet or PoE to supply power to the cameras. This will cover the power supply to the cameras.

Costs and other benefits

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The benefits of hikvision 4mp ip camera seems to be unending which is why more and more people are making a switch.

  • Multiple sensors: Since this system can contain multiple cameras in one, you will be able to cover a larger area at a much lower cost than the analog camera system. This means that it will costs you one license as well.
  • Moreover, due to the development in technology, the IP camera systems come at a much lower cost. In addition to that, the ease in installation of the hikvision 4mp ip camera will also reduce the cost of it as well.

Therefore, it is wise to make the switch to IP camera systems as soon as possible.


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