All You Need to Know About Commercial Staircases


Stairs help you climb up to the upper floor just like previously man use to climb the ladder to reach the rooftop. At corporate sectors, obviously, you are not going to use a ladder or just a simple looking staircase. Corporate offices need to showcase their brand value and sophistication, and the entry staircase and the entire staircase in the office is an integral part of their overall commercial brand.  Using unattractive and unappealing things will not just fit into the corporate setup. Commercial staircases designed elegantly and in a sophisticated style will reflect the prestige and good image of the corporate entity.

Commercial Staircases

Options on Commercial Stairs Materials

In very simple words it can be said that Staircase is a set of stairs in a building. A plethora of options can be availed and enjoyed in the commercial staircase category.

Each one looks classy and sophisticated and has got its unique appeal to visitors and the employees working there. Some most popular options on stairs, which make up the staircase, worth mentioning here in this article are listed below like-

  1. Steel Stairs– this type of stair material provides elegance, modernity, and lightness. If it can be matched and combined with wood, like wooden handrails and support then it will look elegant. Wooden stairs with stainless steel support and handrails too will look sophisticated and provide it lightness. Cobra styled staircase would be suitable.
  2. Glass Stairs-this type of staircase becomes a visual centerpiece in any corporate house. They are sleek, modern and safe too. Glass stairs with Glass treads and glass railings make “all-glass staircase”. Helical Glass stair & Spiral Glass Stairs look gorgeous and very extraordinary.
  3. Concrete stairs– astounding and impressive designs can be achieved by building staircase using concrete also. Floating staircase is possible using the concrete staircase. They are both classy and elegant and people can also customize the designs by decorating the commercial staircases with flower motifs and symbols.

Options on Commercial Staircase Styles

The style in which staircase is made; helps to add immense aesthetic value to it and accentuate the overall view of the area surrounding it. Some of the most popularly opted for commercial staircase styles can be pointed here. The list reads like

  1. Spiral Staircase– is best where space is not sufficiently available. Best use of limited space is possible with this staircase style. Spiral staircase Sky-Screw; Tornado Spiral etc are popular choices. Tread shape and finishing can be customized. However, the commercial companies must ensure that the staircases are skid-free, and that superior quality of iron bars is used in the making of the staircases.
  2. Floating Staircase– looks extraordinary and catches every eye. Glass can be used to create floating elements. Real floating staircase cannot be constructed indoor, but an illusion of floating staircase is possible if detailed attention and precise planning is done by the staircase craftsman and installer.
  3. Helical Staircase– they come featured with curve stairs with curved railing. They look impressively stunning.
  4. Zig Zag Staircase – zigzag stairs are used to achieve this staircase style tread and the riser continuous from start to exit. The stairs follow a zig-zag line.

Commercial Staircases

Highlighting on Designs to Style the Railings

Railings can be constructed using any material like Glass; Wood and Stainless Steel, using varied anchor methods. Design of the railings can be customized as per the requirement of the client and specifications obtained from them. The design railings can be handcrafted too.

Frameless Glass railing will accentuate the sophisticated look of any commercial building. Corporate offices often opt for it. Segmented glass railing and Curved glass railing are also in huge demand. Railings can be artistically designed also to add more glamour.

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