5 Tips For Moving And Packing You Need To Know


In this post we will go over 5 important tips for moving and packing.  When one relocates, whether dealing with a smaller apartment move or a larger residential relocation, there are steps to take to make the process easier.

Below we will go over a few of these steps with the hope that you’ll have an easy and stress-free move!


  1. Make A Moving Timeline

Creating a timeline for your move will make the whole process much easier.  You can jot things down or use an excel spreadsheet to separate tasks by date.

Doing so will make your move much less stressful.  Additionally, you will have a guide that helps you along the way with your move.

Whether you’re hiring local movers or planning for a long distance move, making a moving timeline will help you out immensely.  Believe me, you’ll thank us in the end.

2. Pack In Advance

Packing in advance is a step that many people overlook.  Most people who are experiencing a relocation wait until the last few days to pack their belongings.  This is a very stressful approach to your move because you might need more time to pack things carefully.

Additionally, it would be a good idea to follow your moving timeline that you created in the first step.  Outline when you should pack which items.  If things need to be donated, you should have that planned out beforehand too.  In addition, if you need to hire a business for junk removal that should be done well before you begin packing.

3. Label And Color-Code Boxes

Labeling and color coding boxes is a great idea to make the packing and unpacking process easier.  You can label boxes by room or color code them if that is easier for you.

By labeling and color coding boxes, you will know what belongs where.  Therefore, you can drop off boxes in your new home in the proper rooms they belong in.  In doing so you can expedite the process of getting situated in your new residence.

Color coding boxes is another great thing to do to make unpacking the truck easier.  It’s easier to notice a color coded box than to read labels one by one.  Using labeled and color coded boxes will be a god-send during the moving process.

4. Pack Fragile Items In Between Clothing

Packing can be difficult and many times fragile items break or get crushed.  When family heirlooms and valuables get damaged, movers can get upset and distraught. However, there are a few important packing tips and hacks to avoid this unpleasant situation.

You can use your clothing to provide safety to your fragile items like small glass trinkets and other such things.  Place your breakable in between them and it’s likely they’ll be safe throughout the move.

5. Keep A Box Of Day-Of-Move Essentials

Keep a box of move day essentials so that on the day of the move you don’t get stuck having to unpack and find things last minute.  You’ll want to keep a box aside that has everything you need on the day of your move.

You can include a few pairs of clothing such as sweats or something comfortable to wear.  Additionally, you’ll want to have your toiletries, glasses or contacts, any medications, and other such items.  Keeping a box of move day essentials is an important strategy that will keep things easy during your move.


We hope these five tips for moving and packing will help you through your move easily and efficiently.  Good look on your journey to your new residence!

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