5 Effective Methods of Pest Control


Pest can cause incredible damage and give an invitation to several diseases. Pest is a serious issue and pest control is a necessary step to be taken in almost every house. As pest not only provide superficial annoyance but also pose threat to the health of the family. There are several methods of pest control that can be used accordingly to eliminate the pest from the house. Some methods are mentioned below:

Pest Control

#1. Hygiene:

Hygiene is the first and foremost thing to prevent pest infestation. One should not leave food particles openly as it attracts rodents and cockroaches. Cleaning up the plates instead of leaving it at night can also help to prevent diseases due to the pest. One should dispose of garbage every day to avoid the invitation to insects and rodent. Storing the food in airtight containers helps to prevent contamination of food by the pest.

One should take care that there is no accumulation of papers and cardboard in the house as those are perfect shelters for rodents. The floors of the bathroom should be kept dry to prevent the access of water to rodents. These measures definitely can control the entry of pest into the house. 

#2. Use of Biological Control:

A biological control means a use of any living agent who is a natural enemy of a certain pest. A cat can control the infestation of rodents.  However, there are very limited options of biological control in case of pest control in a house.

#3. Organic and Chemical Pesticides: 

Pest Control Services

There are several pesticides that can eliminate pest by killing them. A number of chemical pesticides are available in stores which are specific to a pest. Rat poison is the most common example of a pesticide. However, the pesticides should be used with proper knowledge of its pros and cons. As most pesticides contain toxic components, it should be used with caution.

#4. Rat Baiting for Rodent:

Rat baits are poisonous items enwrapped with food items, such as cakes, bread etc. to lure the rodent. Rat baits are used along with rat traps to eliminate the rodent infestation. This is the most common and widely used pest control method. However, this is also a multi-step process for complete elimination of rodent infestation.

#5. Calling For Professional Help: 

Several pest control agencies have popped up to deal with the incessant pest attacks in several houses. Termites, bedbugs and rodents are the main threats and the pest management agencies can take care of that. The technician inspects the house and plans out the most effective combination of pest control methods that are to be applied. Highly trained and pest controllers can carry out the plan effectively by using different techniques according to the pests. Termites may be treated with chemical liquid barriers, ground baiting and other suitable pest control method. Several techniques such as fumigation, silo fumigation, heat treatments are used to eliminate the pest.

Pest control has become a very essential home improvement method which is used for a peaceful living without any threats from termites, bed bugs or rodents. Early detection of the pest can help to take the decision before one faces much damage. Though one may opt for pest control himself, it is always better to handle it with an expert. A pest control management agency can take care of the complete elimination of pest without troubling you. They even provide pre-construction termite protection services for new houses.

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