5 Easy DIY Hacks to Get Rid of Blocked Drains


Does your kitchen basin start sinking slow? Do you experience the unpleasant odour from the drain areas? If yes, you might be thinking to call a plumber for its servicing, isn’t it? Clogged drains are the serious issues which not only irritate you but are even the breeding point of several germs and infectious bacteria. Fully blocked drains require immediate attention and quick deal to get it cleared. If you regularly maintain your drainage system you can save a lot of your time.

Before you start facing the issues of bursting pipe, filled kitchens and bathrooms with smelly water and solid substances, it is essential to take some immediate steps. The issues related to the drain blockage is regular and calling experts each time might be a pocket threat. Therefore, certain DIY hacks are available that are not only easy but even cost savvy as well.

Certain Household Fixed for Blocked Drains:


#1. Baking soda and vinegar: The fizz developed while adding equal amounts of vinegar and soda ensures effective cleaning of the blocked drains. One can either mix both the ingredients with hot water in a container and then pour it into the sink or can add soda (sodium bicarbonate) in the drain and then pour the vinegar from above. Leave it for few minutes and wash it off with general water. All the blocked contents would get washed due to the chemical reaction of soda and vinegar. It will easily break down sticky surfaces and you will get relief from blocked drains.

#2. Boiling water: In order to avoid the situations of the blocked drains or for a quick and easy fix, simply pour the tumbler of hot boiling water into the drain. The boiling water actually allows the blocked content to easily dissolve into the water thereby clearing the pipes. However, keep in mind that the boiling water can damage the metal or ceramic pipes soon. Therefore, for PVC pipes, it would be advisable to use hot tap water rather than the boiling one.

#3. Caustic soda: Caustic soda also called sodium hydroxide is an effective chemical however requires enough protection. While simply mixing it with some amount of water, it creates fizz and even heat up the water. Therefore, when it is added into the drains, it dissolves the common contaminants like hair, food, grease and so on. One should however wear safety gloves and glasses to avoid any skin burns.

#4. Wet and dry vacuum: Nothing would be a better option if you own a wet and dry vacuum. It can act as the terrific tool. In order to use it, firstly set the vacuum in liquids. Vent however, should be covered in order to prevent any mess. Now, with the use of an old plunge in combination with the highest set vacuum, it easily draws the clogged materials from the blocked drains quite easily. The setting of the vacuum plays a vital role which can sometimes prove failure.

#5. Plunger: Plunger is not only used for the clogged toilet but is even effective for cleaning the blocked drains. In order to get a strong seal, it is essential to cover the overflowing spouts. It is the up and down pressure created due to the plunger that looses the blocked materials from the pipe. The process of plunging is basically suitable for solid materials rather the grease based mineral deposits.

Though these were the essential hacks which you can carry out to get rid of the drains instantly, yet it is important to ensure regular maintenance. Many of us do not know the exact reason why the blockage occurs and remain unaware of the tips that should be followed to keep it clean. However, above mentioned products are not only cheap but often available at every house. Take a look at it and ensure clean and clear drains. At last if you are still not satisfied after cleaning blocked drains then you can call for a professional help. You can take regular maintenance programs provided by plumbing contractors.

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